Heroes and Heroines…

Let’s face it… they are the essence of a romance novel, are they not? Well, I’m having a little casting issue with mine. 

I thought I had these characters in my head before I began writing, but when I got stuck in the middle a few days ago, I started wondering if I had the heroine all wrong. She was blonde and rather a perfect package when I really wanted her to be a contrast to her two perfect, blonde sisters and to have a few hang-ups about her figure and looks. So, I’ve ditched the image I did have, see pic here and am looking for a heroine with a little more zest! Not even sure that’s the right word. 
I want a short brunette with attitude written all over her face and would LOVE your help if possible. I thought about the actress who plays the role of Beth in The Bill, but the only real image I could find of her was in a police uniform and it just didn’t do it for me. Thought about Katie Holmes but she wasn’t right either… so please, please… can anyone out there, help me find my fiesty heroine. I think if I have her pegged, the writing of her character will be easier – at least I’m clinging to hopes that’s the case 🙂
This is her bad boy hero and I think you’ll all agree, he’s simply perfect!

6 thoughts on “Heroes and Heroines…

  1. Short brunette with attitude? I’ll send you my picture on email (chuckle).I love Janine Garafolo (unsure of spelling). She was in The Truth About Cats and Dogs years, ago among other things.

  2. Hey Rach – what about Melanie Lynskey… not so short but very versatile (was in Ever After, Sweet Home Alabama etc) or Kate Beckinsale (not so quirky, maybe a bit too perfect?!!), hmmm – Kathryn Hahn (she was the uptight one that Andie wrote about in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days)… hmmm – will keep thinking!!! Good luck!

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