Meet my ”new” heroine!

Okay… she’s not really new as I’m 32000 words into the mss but thanks to help from you lovely people, I’ve found new inspiration for her and I’m hoping it INSPIRE me to great things!

Here she is:

And again…

She’s a serious gal (who has a fun side brought out by the hero) and she’s on a mission… a mission my hero is set to halt!!! She’s adopted and feels like she’s been the misfit wherever she’s been, but the hero’s about to show her just how wrong she is!
Thanks so much to Eleni for giving me Eve Miles!!

8 thoughts on “Meet my ”new” heroine!

  1. Thanks Eleni. Thought I recognised her.Ahh, Torchwood. Sexiest show on telly……or it was until those b#$^*)*^s at Channel Ten stopped showing it.Oh hell. I really must stop blog surfing and get back to writing.

  2. Thanks Eleni for answering the Torchwood question.You’re probably all gonna scream and shout obscenities at me now but I’ve never actually seen Torchwood. Obviously that has to be rectified and I’m just gonna do a Google search to see if I can discover what all the fuss is about!

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