Reading, procrastinating, whinging and the odd bit of scribbling…

The title really sums up what I’ve been up to the last few weeks but perhaps I’ll elaborate for the heck of it for a few moments. 

Since mid-year I’ve been torn between targetting M&B Modern Heat or Harlequin Superromance. I love both lines for different reasons and have been alternating my reading between them and single-titles. I’m currently reading Natalie Anderson’s ”Pleasured By The Secret Millionairre” and an LBD called ”Blue Remembered Shoes” by Nell Dixon
I’m loving both but have dived into Nat’s book because I’m stuck in the middle of my own attempt at a Mod Heat and wanted to see how an expert managed to do all the things I want to achieve in my own middle. I’m struggling cos I’ve created two characters with a lot of personal baggage and I really want to get across to possible readers that these two have a lot in common emotionally if they’ll only let go and open up to each other. Problem is one of the plot points is the fact that he is hiding the truth about himself at all costs, so it’s hard to get them talking on the level. I guess I’m scared that I’m gonna let the story potential down. 
So… while I wallow… writing is slow but steady at the moment. 
I’m also getting extremely buggared (blaming the babe in my womb) at the moment, that by the time I get my kidlets to bed, all I wanna do is curl up with a good book in bed myself. 
But I figure that when I feel this way… when I pick up a Mod Heat, a Super, an LBD or something else entirely, at least I’m still researching and learning! Right??

5 thoughts on “Reading, procrastinating, whinging and the odd bit of scribbling…

  1. Oh that’s definitely research Rach. It has to be, or how would we justify all the reading we do when there are dust bunnies collecting in corners? Good luck, I know the middle can be a trecherous area.

  2. Nothing like a good bit of research, my dear. Indulge away.I’ve been doing the same, although I have to admit it’s involved and much drooling over the sexiest stockman you’ve ever seen.If you haven’t watched the trailer, make sure you put on a bib before you do. Cos I gotta tell ya, that Hugh Jackman is one hell of a hunka-hunka burnin’ lurve.

  3. Thanks for the reassurance gals!Oh and this is sorta a testing, testing thing too as a friend of mine says she’s been unable to post! If anyone else is having issues, email me to let me know!

  4. Hi Rach,Back again 🙂 I think what you’re doing is the right thing.. Reading gives so much insight, especially if you’re reading the line you are targeting. That reminds me, I will have to undertake a little more this week.. Baby day is closing in. 🙂 How are you going?Suz 🙂

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