Almost there?

If you’ve been watching my word metre, don’t get too excited. I may have just reached 49500 words but I’m about 4000 words off finishing! At least I hope it doesn’t get longer than that!!! 

Will keep you updated!

9 thoughts on “Almost there?

  1. Well you might not have finished the story yet Rach, but you’ve already reached the NaNo target of 50K (I saw this on the side bar). Congratulations and may the next 4K flow from your fingers quickly.

  2. Thanks Eleni and Lucy – it’s really only the beginning as it needs lots of work, I’m sure!Jackie – glad you visited! Your blog isn’t lame! Don’t worry, I haven’t posted here for a while, cos I can’t think of anything very riveting to post about. Unfortunately I still haven’t had my feedback from the editor – think I might be the only one – and I’m a little sad because I’d really hoped to work on it before I had my third bub in 10 days! 😦 Oh well… I know how busy the editors are and I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

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