Progress Report!

I’m trying to do the read through of WWMM, really, I’m trying but it’s not going hugely to plan. Everytime I sit down to read, my baby wakes up – he’s seriously got some sort of radar where my writing is concerned. My other problem is sleep – I need lots more of it than I’m getting and so when baby’s asleep I’m torn between reading and sleeping.

Suddenly had an epiphany tonight that I should print my mss in book format and bind it, so I can read while breastfeeding. Instead I’ve been reading loads of other books during these times. Just read a Mod Heat with a particularly Alpha male. At least, I’m guessing that’s what they’d call him but I didn’t take to him at all. At the same time, I’m wondering how to up the Alpha-aspect of my current hero and hoping that somehow I can make the grade!
Right… I’m rambling… lack of sleep does that to ya. But just thought I’d offer a brief update. Have now read 111 pages out of 150-ish, so am hoping to finish the read through tomorrow. Then, it’s slash, burn and add!!!
Currently reading: The Memory Keeper’s Daughter (well, behind the times, I know).


Hey faithful blog readers – at least I hope there’s still someone reading this somewhere! Although most of you are probably off drinking and making merry with your families. Hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a new year filled to the brim with book contracts. I hope the same for myself šŸ™‚

I’ve been absent most of December due to the wonderful birth of my beautiful boy on November 25th! He was early and we had a slightly rocky start but all is now perfect with Archie Edward. That’s now three gorgeous little heroes for me alongside my big hero, so me and the big hero are calling it quits on the baby-making!
Speaking of baby making HUGE congrats to my lovely writing buddy Bec Sampson on the birth of her latest heroine. What a special Christmas Eve this is turning out to be!!
Other specialness came in the form of an email this morning from Lucy Gilmour – Assistant Editor at M&B, who emailed me her commentary on my mss from the Feel The Heat contest.Ā 
In short she said:
*She loved my opening line and chapter, my unique voice, the heroine and the premise. Main positive – they wanted to read on!!
*They’d like to see the hero developed more and a little more insight into a) why he’s attracted to the heroine and b) what his conflicts are!!! Hmm… I’ve got work to do šŸ™‚
*With regards to the rest of the mss, they a) wan
t to see the full when I have revised according to b) the alphaness of the hero, c) the emotional conflicts of hero and heroine, which need to be deepened and d) really make clear the heroine’s internal conflicts.
So… the plan from here on. Spend the next few days rereading my mss in full and making notes, then get stuck into rewriting on Lucy’s suggestions. I’m hoping to submit the full by end of January but am realistic that with a new baby, t
here may be slight delays!!
Speaking of new baby… here’s a pic!