So… I heard from Lucy at M&B and she’s happy to look at two proposals and advise me which story she thinks I should start for Mod Heat!

So… I’m frantically trying to come up with two sparkling stories that smoulder with emotional conflict and (see Jackie’s blog) do not fall into The Parent Trap. Easier said than done… 
So… I’ve finally come up with two working titles. 
*One Hot Haunted Night
*Red Hot Road Trip
They’re not my favourites, but they’re a start and I FEEL enough about them that I’m finally able to start brainstorming on the books. Perhaps I should start a poll as to which story will be selected to actually write!!

4 thoughts on “Progress…

  1. Rach, I love your titles! That’s great re Lucy – so fantastic that we get the opportunity to pass these in for ‘inspection’ first, eh?. You won’t fall in to the Parent Trap! 🙂 As long as any parent issues don’t define the conflict, merely add to it, you’ll be fine.

  2. Ooh! Good news about the proposals. How many people have that opportunity? But then, we all know how special you are, Rach.And Red Hot Road Trip….Ooh la la!!That title gets my vote.

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