Why I might be AWOL for a while!

My laptop has DIED!!! Finally… kaput. Hopefully the lovely computer man can get off my stuff before he tries to fix but I’m buying another anyway. I have my sights set on a nice hot pink one πŸ™‚ and it’ll hopefully arrive within 10 working days. Until then… I’ll be borrowing hubby’s and my mum’s if I sneak off to her place, so I may post less frequently and not visit other blogs as much – just so ya know!!! Will be back ASAP.

Also the next two Saturdays I’m doing the Romance Writer’s of Australias Bootcamp 209 and will be busy, busy, busy with that for a few weeks. There’s a great line-up of speakers including Diane Gaston, Carol Marinelli and MH’s Robyn Grady! I can’t wait.
Will hopefully be able to update you soon with how it’s all going!!

11 thoughts on “Why I might be AWOL for a while!

  1. You sound just like my daughter! After watching me reading an ebook on my laptop, she told me yesterday she wanted a ‘pink princess computer’ with a pink screen and pink keyboard. Guess what her favourite colour is? Oooh, jealous about your boot camp! Sounds like a fantastic opportunity. Be sure to post about it when you’re back.

  2. Sorry to hear about your laptop. I can empathise as mine crashed and died last week-end. And thanks so much for that idea about the new hot, pink replacement. I just wonder how the company IT guy will feel when I place my order?Hope you enjoy your new one!

  3. Thanks everyone! Good news is new laptop is ordered and apparently ready to be dispatched! Can’t wait… I feel lost without my writing tool. Love the idea of new shoes Felicity!And yes… Suz… should match my jacket perfectly!Lucy… your guess is as good as mine re chap. Was told by the end of the month but haven’t heard anymore. Feel free to email Amy at ihearts – as a newly published author, you may have more pull!!!

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