My chapter up on iheartpresents!

Well… apparently it’s what you’ve all been waiting for šŸ™‚

Sometime today (probably while I sleep due to international time diffs) my chap is going up on iheartpresents!
As I found Jackie’s comments following her chapter going up really useful, I’ve decided to share a bit more about why this story was rejected as well. So… in a few days, once the chapter, synopsis and editorial comments have been posted at iheart, I’ll post a little more here about why this story didn’t make the cut this time round!!

13 thoughts on “My chapter up on iheartpresents!

  1. Just read it and loved it and I am completely bewildered as to why they didn’t want the story!!!I’m sure you’ll be sharing more about why but it seems such a shame šŸ˜¦

  2. Thank you thank you thank you ladies – you are all just so lovely, I wanna bottle you up!! I WISH the editors felt like you but alas they saw faults… I promise to discuss these soon šŸ™‚

  3. I feel like the white rabbit ‘I’m late for a very important date!’ that will teach me for not blogging for a week! I can’t believe I missed your chapter and synopsis going on and now have the bad behavior of offering you my very late congratulations! Will you forgive me if I call you a genius and mean it? I LO-O-OVED it! It’s very very original and I’m puzzled about why it won’t be published too. I’ve never been head down bum up in a bin but now I feel like I have. I’d even be tempted to give it a try if you could guarantee me a sexy man would be waiting when I get right side up again!

  4. Thanks everyone for LOVING my chapter – ahh.. I loves ya’s all!Am gonna try do a post now about WHY they didn’t want it… although will probably turn into a few!Lacey – lol!!

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