So… it twas actually the hero!

As you may have guessed, I’m still in chapter one of current wip, so I’m feeling my way about so to speak.

Anyway I read all your lovely comments on my ferret issue this morning then went about the usual morning chores – you know, picking up after three little boys, scraping Weetbix off the kitchen floor tiles, putting on hundreds of loads of washing – and a lightbulb flashed inside my head.

It isn’t the heroine after all who has a pet in this little baby! It’s the tough, hard-core, aloof, almost unlikeable hero and he’s got a BIG ONE!! Dog that is! My hero is the proud owner of a Napoleon Mastiff OR a Napoleon Moutain Dog… can’t quite make up my mind. See pics below and let me know which one you like best!!

Napoleon Mastiff:

Napoleon Mountain Dog:

12 thoughts on “So… it twas actually the hero!

  1. For me, it is the Napoleon Mastiff. Totally. Great dog. Girlfriend in the USA has one called Handsome and she is often to be spotted driving around town in her small compact with Handsome sitting proudly beside her in the passenger side. If you are looking for something smaller I can personally recommend the Pug, although maybe not that manly (I hope my husband doesnt read this)

  2. Aren’t they both gorgeous. Having had a Rotty in the past, who was so loving and gentle, I’m going the Mastiff. And dogs bring out the ‘oh aren’t you a good dogl’ sentiment from their owners.

  3. Hahaha! Don’t you love it when you decide on one thing and then the characters wag their fingers at you and go ‘uh huh’. I’m not really a doggy person but I’d go for the Mastiff. Purely because they’re distinctive looking.

  4. I prefer the mountain dog out of the two you chose. But how about a tibetan mastiff? Historically they used to guard the monasteries in Tibet. I LOVE dogs and think a doggy sidekick is a great plan. Not sure if all big dogs drool but it will give you something to research πŸ™‚

  5. Good luck and have fun with whichever dog you choose! My vote goes to the Mastiff. πŸ™‚ Giant breeds are wonderful. All of ours have been big babies. We have a Wolfhound at the moment, but we’ve also had a Newfoundland (major drool, probably on par with a Mastiff *g*), and a Great Dane.Have fun with your new pet. :)All the best,Gail πŸ™‚

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