Feeling like the one locked outside during a party!!

Am peeved because I CAN’T get into the fabulous new community at Mills and Boon!! My log-in refuses to work and I’ve even had emails from the tech guys there and it still doesn’t work. I can read what’s going on though and it looks like such a fabulous new resource!

Right… baby calling so gotta go!

4 thoughts on “Feeling like the one locked outside during a party!!

  1. How weird. Have you tried being somebody else instead ???I thought the site was down for maintenance for ages and had to set up a new bookmark when I discovered it was actually working… Obviously having a few teething problems.When you get in I’ll buy you a drink in the pub 🙂

  2. I just had the same problem – would not let me log in to post a comment but then I clicked on buddylist at the top and somehow everything was okay again :-)Is this some sort of hidden metaphor? Do you have to trick the system into thinking you don’t want to post first???

  3. I’m having trouble too Rach! I’ve actually created a new ID lol which I was going to anyway but I’m still having trouble with all sorts of things. Changing my ID photo, posting comments, viewing comments, not throwing my computer through a glass door…

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