Nails gonna get a flogging…

Okay… I don’t actually bite my nails (they happen to be the one thing I am blessed with in the appearances department) but if I did, they’d be getting a flogging now.

I just sent the partial of my current wip to the editor who I worked with after the Feel The Heat contest. I still hadn’t heard which (if any) of my two proposals she preferred, so I just set to writing one. 
And following all your wonderful advise at my last post… I’m gonna keep writing it instead of starting something new and hope that if M&B do like the partial, they don’t want a totally different version of the full than I’ve written. I can dream!
So… it’s finally OUT THERE! And while its OUT THERE… there’s HOPE!!

10 thoughts on “Nails gonna get a flogging…

  1. Aw… now I know why I blog! You gals always make me feel so warm and fuzzy 🙂 Thanks chicks! Here’s hoping I’ll find something more interesting to blog about shortly…

  2. Good luck, Rach!No need to feel nervous. Your ms will be so chokkers full of good vibes from everyone wishing you well, M&B will be overwhelmed the second they start reading page one!

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