OHHN and 50k in 30days!

Since my rambles on rewrites, I’ve decided to set aside RHRT for the time being. It’s only a short-term separation – I’ll get back to it either once I’ve heard from the editor or before if the mood strikes, but in the meantime I’ve started another story, which has been pestering me to be written for some time now. 

As you’ve read my writing output has been slow (for me) these last few months and each work has been like drawing blood (is that the right cliche?)…. well… not anymore. I threw myself into this story on Saturday morning and have written about 4k since. The best part? I actually LIKE what I’ve written for the first time in along while. And… I’m having FUN!!
I’m targetting this story at Superromance (in the name of not keeping all my eggs in the same basket).
I’ve also pledged to write 30k in 30days with RWA Australia’s 50k in 30 day challenge. This began last year when someone suggested we do our own southern hemisphere version of National Novel Writing Month in winter (cos the original one is held in winter for the Americans). Last year I failed dismally, so this year I’ve decided on a more realistic goal – I’m aiming for 30k  in 30 days!  I plan to switch between my two stories whenver I stall in one.
So if I’m slow replying to emails or doing crits, you’ll know why!
I’ll keep you up to date on my progress and just wanna wish all the other challengers an abundance of fabulous words 🙂
On your marks, get set, go, go, go!!

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