Day One and Two of 30k in 30 days

Day One

Word count – a whopping 2249 thanks to deciding to enter an overseas contest at the very last hour.

Fave line of the day – Squeezing her eyes shut, she decided that if she wasn’t asleep in ten minutes she’d count ghouls and see if she could really freak herself out.

Day Two 
Word count – 1042
Fave lines of the day – What was the etiquette when you invited a ghost hunter into a house you didn’t want and they provided dinner?
One more stolen glance round the curtains – phwoar, he really was the most tantalizingly good looking man she’d ever laid eyes on – a breath to jumpstart her heart and she went to let him in.

8 thoughts on “Day One and Two of 30k in 30 days

  1. Great word counts, Rach!!Bit late, but your research post struck a chord with me as I’ve been researching a new era this week. I have to research when I get stuck otherwise I just can’t go on. Like today when I fell over my hero’s misplaced codpiece!!!

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