Day Eight and a bundle of books…

Day Eight

Word Count: 892
Fave lines of the day: 
The question sounded like one of those lethal ‘do-I-look-fat-in-this?’ queries. He got the feeling if he cited her biological make-up, she’d pick up one of the many colorful umbrellas hanging on hooks in the hallway and whack him fair over the head.
Total Word Count Thus Far: 8626
Highlight of the day:
The post lady dumping two packages of books in my letter
box. The prize I won over at Lynn Raye Harris‘ blog arrived – her debut book and two books by other hawt Presents authors. Will do a post about Lynn’s book once I’ve read it – no spoilers – cos
 it’s exciting to have followed this project from Lynn’s win in the Instant Seduction contest to the publication of her first book. And in another wonderful yellow envelope was a book from the lovely Anne McAllister! I seriously thought about ditching my plans of writing anything much this week and curling up with these babies, but have decided to make them reward books instead. 

6 thoughts on “Day Eight and a bundle of books…

  1. New books? It's like hitting the jackpot. Remember how i said in my post that when i used to shop with my mum i would head straight for the books? Well mum took my 3 year old shopping this morning and guess what? She made a beeline for the books – mum said it was deja vu…Great word count by the way…

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