Day Ten – and help with shopping!

Day Ten

Word Count: 1299
Fave Line of the Day: 
She wondered if he also liked listening to the hammer of her heart, because surely he could hear it thundering now.
Total Thus Far: 10263 (still on track for 30k in 30days)
Now for the help with shopping. My hero has just conned my heroine in to helping him Christmas shop for his three sisters. I want her to get them things that are really special and unique and I wondered if you’d help me brainstorm.
There’s Bonnie who designs one-off, individual (what is the words for that) nappy bags for the rich and famous, Heather who owns a florist and has just had twin baby boys, and then there’s Lucy… the youngest, his favourite, who’s doing her PhD in Modern Languages.
What would YOU buy for these special women???

8 thoughts on “Day Ten – and help with shopping!

  1. Personalised nappy bags? Gifts! I'd probably have to know a bit more about them before I went shopping. Any of them got secret hobbies?? For the mother of twins, I'd probably get a package at a day spa complete with babysitting! For the other two… Um…*thinks, comes up with nothing*Sorry, hopeless!

  2. Firstly – great word count! My latest bout of sicklyness (not sure if that is even a word) has me coughing up a storm and little else…Going more on Jackie's suggestion, could you have the babysitting done by the h&h, maybe a way of getting them together? Although this might be totally not in your game plan so just ignore.As for the other two….mmmm. Will have a little think about it and let you know if i come up with anything…

  3. Ok – small brainwave for Lucy – because she sounds like a modern kind of gal (since she is studying Modern Languages) what about a new age kind of gift. The most trendy new age gist i can think of is a 'donation to charity' gift on behalf of the person…. actually on second thought, maybe not. Scrap my thought, I am bad at sourcing gifts for my own family at the best of times, I should not be dishing out gift advice…

  4. Great ideas ladies.Rach! congrats on the continued good work.So you have two sorted. Bonnie is an artsy type – is there another artform she loves – a favourite photographer or painting to help inspire her? Or because she is creative, is she not so good with computers or something like that – getting her a tutor – different, though not specifically special though. Just some thoughts.

  5. Not too sure if this fits either the nappy bag designer or the modern languages student, but a gift I've been looking for myself recently is a "lapjacket" – also known as a laptop skin. A bit of bling for the modern working girl.

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