Day Eleven

Day Eleven

Word Count: exactly 800!
Fave line of the day: Now she not only had to pout about the absence of Brodie, she could add being thrown out of her own house to her list of woes.
Total Word Count Thus Far: 11063 (only just on track)
Just wondering oh wonderful blog readers… how much time do you devote to writing each day? I try to write every day but sometimes I can only manage an hour at night cos I’m just too knackered… I wonder… is this enough if I’m serious about pursuing this dream!?


6 thoughts on “Day Eleven

  1. Am loving reading your lines…I try and write every day. It's my day job so I'm at least trying to be professional about it. Have taken 'leave' for the past week due to waiting for 'feedback'. Better get back on the horse now though…

  2. Rach – i try to do a few a day, but in reality, life always interrupts. Some days are great, others are just down right dismal… maybe one day there will be a good four-five hours that are just for me to write…

  3. Hey Rach, Depending on the deadline pressure (see my tally for Week 1 *lol*). I tend to not write every single day in the wordcount aspect. When I finish a m/s I take 24-36hrs off – no writing stuff (that may well change if I get to the publishing stage & see re deadline above *LOL*).I try to make sure I do something to do with my stories but my wordcount is every 2nd day. On that system I average about 2K-3K on my writing days.Kinda like the Karate Kid, Wax On, Wax Off; Write On, Write Off.

  4. I'm with Janette – some days are better than others. But like you Rach, I often write at night after the kids are asleep, and then I'm so tired my output is not what it is if I manage to write earlier in the day.

  5. I think it all depends on your circumstances. The universal rule is to WRITE EVERYDAY, it comes up a lot! It's your dream you can't give it up and when you sell you'll be able to find more time. Look at how fabulously you're doing in competitions. There are women out there writing all day who haven't achieved that :)No giving up!

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