Day Twelve

Day Twelve

Word Count: 1135

Fave Line of the Day:The orange convertible tore past her and she jumped back just in time to avoid a shower of sludge. Unfortunately she copped an eye-full of the sensational blonde driver who had to be one of Brodie’s many reported playthings.

Total Word Count Thus Far: 12198


6 thoughts on “Day Twelve

  1. Thanks again for the cheering ladies. It's a hard slog… but I'm determined to meet my target! Anne – I'm envious of YOU in the rewrite stage. I wish my wip was finished and I could get stuck into fixing it :)Heidi – if you saw the quality of the 1000 words, you may not be so depressed. It's alright Lacey… she's not a bad woman, the heroine's jumping to the WRONG conclusions!!!

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