Day Twenty-Six (I think)

Day Twenty-Six (yep… I think that’s the right date, am a little lost on such things if I’m honest)

Word Count: 1472 (but I’m not at all enthralled by any of them)
Fave Line of The Day (see above, but I’ll put one in for the hell of it):
โ€˜I suppose you believe in aliens, UFOs and the Loch Ne
ss Monster as well,โ€™ she said, trying to sound flippant.

Total word count thus far: 19211

I had a lovely (okay, rainy and rather exhausting few days) away with the hubby and the three heroes-in-training. Didn’t get any writing done (but wasn’t expecting or planning too) as you can see by my dismal June NaNo word count, but I did finish
reading ONE book. I know… only ONE but honestly… it was an exhausting kind of holiday.

Luckily that one book was one that now rests on my KEEPER SHELF. It’s…. DRUMROLLL…
This is only the second Anne McAllister I’ve ever read but I’m on a serious mission to hunt down her backlist now. This is the devilishly delicious Hugh and the feisty Syd’s story – both the kind of characters I absolutely adore. Hugh is a very unusual Presents hero (and frankly, I’d like to see more of him – no, not like that, you naughty minded blog readers you – I meant more of his type). He’s sexy and good-looking (obviously) but he’s a little dishevelled, lives in a beach shack, has a puppy for a best pal and likes to take it easy and enjoy life as well as work hard.

But probably the best thing about the book is that she had me from PAGE one with a totally unique opening. I’m not gonna spoil it for those who wanna hunt this baby down… but let’s just say, it’d be worth the read.

Anyway Anne’s book got me thinking about openings and how they affect my own writing. I’ve realised that I can’t actually plan a book unless I have the opening in my mind already. All the books I’ve written thus far have either started with a title or an opening scene (and usually the other has followed quickly on the heels of the first), yet if I don’t have a title or a clear first scene in my head, I totally flounder.

So… what comes first for you?! I’d love to hear!!


8 thoughts on “Day Twenty-Six (I think)

  1. I read my first Anne McAllister recently too – Savas' Defiant Mistress, I think it was called. And I LOVED it!! Will definitely be looking for others by her. I usually start with a really clear opening scene too. Unfortunately it often ends up being the wrong one and ultimately gets binned.

  2. Lucy – I think you may have a point. My opening scene is often not the best in the end but it helps me throw myself into the book and get to know the characters.Not long now till we'll be reading a Lucy King! Yay!

  3. Thanks so much for your kind words, Rach. I'm glad you enjoyed Hugh and Sydney's story. There's a lot of back list out there, so you shouldn't have much trouble tracking some down. As far as opening scenes go, sometimes they are quite clear but still take forever to write. Hugh's was a case in point. At times I thought I might spend the whole book in chapter one!Trying to think of an opening for the next book now. It would help if I knew what it was about.

  4. Ooh Anne I'm so glad you said that last comment about not knowing what it's about… at least I know prolific authors like yourself still have times when they're not certain about what the next idea is or where it'll come from!!

  5. Yep, Rach, I'm an opening scene kind of gal too. And it sets up the whole book for me – if I can't get into the characters it's usually because there's something wrong with the first chapter. In order to write the rest of the book, I usually have to edit the first chapter until I'm happy with it. Which is difficult 'cause I'm never happy! :-)I liked Antonides' Forbidden Wife – different hero for Modern there too. Must hunt this down as well…

  6. Opening scene most def for me, but i often change it, way to many times. I also like to have the final chapter spelled out if not written by the time i get to the middle of the book too, a bit unusal, but it's like I need to see what I am aiming for at the end, even if i change it to make sense/fit with what changes I have made.

  7. I normally have the first chapter and an opening line when I start. They never normally stay in the end, but I need a point to kick off from. Favourite opening line…it was from a Melanie Milburne, cant remember which one but it was…"It was the kind of funeral where no one shed a tear." I was in from the get go.

  8. I'm more a random ideas girl. Sometimes its just an interesting profession and it grows from there. I've never been a title girl. To be honest I kind of envy those who are while I try to pull my title out of nowhere later ๐Ÿ˜‰

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