In the name of RESEARCH!

The things we do in the name of research – the things we make our husbands do in the name of research!!

As you’ve probably guessed my current wip involves a ghost, so in the name of research I sat down to watch ‘Death of a Ghost Hunter’ tonight and of course, cos I’m a total wimp, I made my hubby watch it too.
Aside from the bad acting, I was quite freaked in various stages but I think this was because they made out that the movie was based on a true story. Too bad I looked it up after and found out it was a hoax along the lines of the ‘Blair Witch Project.’ Oh and the three main characters were TSTL!! Really… they were just thick!
But the REALLY, REALLY freaky thing?
I tried to save an image of the DVD cover to post to this blog and couldn’t. That’s right… tried numerous different images and although they said they’d saved to my computer, when I went to post (it said they’d been posted), it wouldn’t work. So alas… I can’t show you the cover!!
Movie watching aside, I’m calling it quits in my attempt to write 30k in 30 days. I’m just not woman enough to cope with all the lack of sleep and still churn out a regular 1k a day that I actually think is good enough! So… no more daily word counts or fave lines. If you wanna know my progress, watch the word metres on the side, which will hopefully continue to creep up at a nice, sensible pace – lol!!

6 thoughts on “In the name of RESEARCH!

  1. Any extra word count is a bonus, so well done. I set my goal for 50,000 and have only made it to 25,000 but I am happy with that as it is words I wouldnt have had most likely. Not able to save DVD cover…spooky. Do you think it is a sign…

  2. Ahh the poor husbands. It might even have been Jackie or you but I read somewhere of one writer calling her husband out of a meeting to question him on male anatomy! It cracks me up everytime! 🙂

  3. Thanks for such kind words everyone!Oh and Lorraine – can you hear me laughing? I think the whole Feel The Heat thing was a nice dream for me and that I imagined the whole contact with an editor thing!

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