Recharge, Re-coup and eEditors!

After a crazy couple of weeks, I needed a few days down time before throwing myself back into writing. Funny that the downtime actually included catching up on housework and washing (although I’ll never completely catch up me thinks) but doing so made me feel better and put me in a better zone to get back into writing. I also read a bit and critted chapters of my friends and CPs.

Now I’m slowly easing myself back into writing OHHN and hope to have it finished by the end of August… that’s unless I hear from M&B about the partial I subbed to them earlier in the year.
I finally emailed the eEditor address to find out what’s going on with this partial, so hopefully I’ll hear something soon. Best case scenario would be a full request – so fingers crossed please!
Will keep you updated…

11 thoughts on “Recharge, Re-coup and eEditors!

  1. Hey, Rach! I hope you hear soon about the submission. Sometimes, doing something other than writing helps refill the well. And, I'm with you about the housework. I know I will never be able to catch up. Working on a medical submission at the moment. Plus, working full time. Ugh. Barbara

  2. Sometimes us writer's just need some "me" time! And I know what you mean about the housework, for me it's really hard to settle in and write while worrying about the mess around me =(Good luck with your submission!

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