Another BIG R!!!

That’s right… I finally heard from M&B about the partial I had subbed there – ‘Red-Hot Road Trip’ and I got a BIG FAT no!! But as I said the rejection letter was nice and juicy (FAT) and there were a lot of positives once I looked past the thanks but no thanks.

They said my style and voice show a great deal of potential for their Modern Heat line and that my characters have spark and I have a wonderful way with dialogue šŸ™‚

Again the main mss concern was conflicts!! (cue lots of cursing from moi!)

They’ve asked me to put this mss to one side for now but I can already see ways to improve it ONCE I’m published and may be able to give it a second chance! Power of positive thinking at play here.

The best part? They said that my writing continues to be of a promisingly high standard and they want to see something else. I’m still able to sub directly to an editor, which is a HUGE relief as I was terrified I might have been slung back to the slush pile.

So it’s back to the drawing board.

I had planned on entering the new Presents/Modern Heat writing contest but the editor I’m working with has told me to sub directly to her instead. I’d already written a chapter and synopsis for the contest and had tried to think a lot more about character and that elusive emotional conflict…

The plan now is to work on my characters even more – doing a fair bit of pre-writing about their backgrounds, beliefs, etc – and then finish the partial to sub.

So… while I’m playing with my Maverick Millionaire and his Christmas Fairy, I’m curious… what do YOU do to really get to know your characters!

I also finally succombed and bought Lucy King’s debut as an ebook, cos I thought reading the most recently debuted MH author might help me get an idea of what they’re actually looking for. CAn’t wait to read it… even if I have to do so on my puter šŸ™‚


18 thoughts on “Another BIG R!!!

  1. Aw Rach, sorry to hear the news :-(But it's great they really want to see more from you. You're so close and once you nail the conflict thing (which it sounds like you're well on your way to doing) you'll be on that new authors' list, I'm sure of it.Hugs and cyber chocs coming your way…

  2. Sorry, forgot to answer your question – I probably don't know them well enough to tell the truth, at least not when I start. I do try to do silly stuff like work out what their hobbies would be or what sort of music they'd listen too – just to get a picture of a real person in my head…

  3. I know it was a big R, Rach, but what an R! They love you, they really do. It's just a matter of nailing that conflict.As I'm generally a pantster I tend not to have GMC charts etc, but I usually know the characters fairly intimately before I start the book because I'll have daydreamed about them for quite some time. Walking (and showering for some weird reason) is great for sorting out characters. And I carry a notebook with me everywhere and jot things down…except in the shower, that is.Oh, and I keep sticky notes plastered all over my desk, printer, walls. Little things about the characters and/or plot that remind me where I'm going and why. Writing can be a very messy business in my house.But basically, I just think about the characters. A lot. Especially the hero because I'll have an agonisingly adolescent crush on him. Sad, I know.

  4. Keep writing, Rach. You are sooo close. Be glad for all those good words and suggestions. As LaVyrle Spencer once said, "There are lots of writers who would kill for a letter like that." So take heart and move on to something else now, then go back when you're ready to.

  5. Hi Rach,You fill out character sheets. The indepth ones. I'll email you. I'm sorry to hear your say big R..but really it isn't. It's a letter saying how you can improve and the next sub may be better.Keep up the good work,Suz šŸ™‚

  6. Well sorry on the R, but as everyone has been saying what an R!! AND you get direct access to an editor, so I see that as really big step. They love your voice, another positive. I'm sure you will nail those conflicts very soon. Go Rach!

  7. Rach, you're nearly there, like Anne says. Just a matter of the right story. And interesting re the comp – at least I'll have someone else to wait with while everyone is getting their entries together!

  8. Oh Rach, so sorry … but then again this is still a wonderful letter to receive. You subbed directly to an editor, she loved your voice but there were some tiny issues. Everyone else is right, you are soooo close.As to knowing characters, I try to start off with each character's motivation and then ask the famous 'why' question over and over again.Chin up, get writing, you're nearly there šŸ™‚

  9. Hugs on the R, Rach, but it sounds like a very positive letter, they love so much about your work!As for my process well Cathryn's sounds scarily similar to mine! Except with this wip I didn't know my hero or heroine much at all(I thought I did, but no. Not until I hit 30k did I realise the heroine had a sister who had a massive impact on the entire plot! Oops!)

  10. Coming in very late on this one (g) but you know how I feel Rach! I'm probably telling you something completely different to what you want to hear, but I don't do character sheets, I have no real inkling of a characters history, nor their GMC. For me uncovering this as I go is where all the fun is – of course I have to go back and layer in things as they come to me, but it seems the only way I can work creatively =)

  11. As Anne McA says, Rachel – keep on writing. Remember that editors don't have time to spend writing all those great words of encouragement and praise if they don't mean it – so you have earned those and they should motivate you to carry on. Think of that letter as feedback, not rejection and go for it!Good luckKate

  12. Ahhh…conflict. šŸ™‚ Why is it so hard?? I don't know. But I admire you for turning around and subbing again so quickly. That's the difference between a published writer and an unpublished one, you know. Submission. And they've given you some great feedback! Best of luck on the partial!

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