Rachael Johns LIVE

I’m excited to announce that my website is now LIVE!

Click on this link to have a peak: Rachael Johns
In other news, the wip is slowly coming together. I’m almost at 30k and the BM is in sight!!!
May just have had a minor epiphany on the heroine’s conflict though, which would mean going back and changing a few things. It also means the full would be quite different to the synopsis I subbed with my partial to M&B.
So I’m torn… do I make the changes, which I think will improve the mss or wait until I hear on my sub!?

All I want for Christmas…

Is an e-reader!!

Question is which one!?
Do I buy an Apple iTouch, which can do other things as well – as if I need the added diversion of games, music and the like.
Do I buy a Sony eReader (and if so, which model) when I can’t actually buy one in Australia? I really like the look of these and as I really only want them to read on, think this is exactly what I’m looking for.
Or do I go the new Eco Reader which is one of the few readers available in Australia!?
Decisions… decisions….
So tell me faithful blog readers, who reads ebooks? If you have an ereader, I’d love to hear about your experiences!?

Pssst!!! Have you heard?

The buzz overnight on the Net is that Harlequin is launching a new digital only publishing house – Carina Press.

The lovely Amy of Harlequin’s digital team asked me to spread the news.
Carina Press will launch in Spring/Summer 2010 and they’re actively seeking submissions.
The good thing about Carina (as I see it) is that they have the backing of an globally successful publishing company and will look at stories that do not traditionally fit the Harlequin Mills & Boon lines.
It certainly seems that with Carina the sky’s the limit!!!

Speaking of contests…

My lovely, talented and all round fabulous friend and CP (note I wrote FRIEND first) has just finalled in the Spacecoast Authors of Romance Launching a Star contest!!! She finalled with one of my fave of her mss’ in the Contemporary Series section and the judge is Susan Litman of Silhouette Special Edition!! Whoop Whoop!!! Oh and there’s also an agent judge! How cool is that!!!!!?

I know Becca J Heath is just waiting for fabulous things and I’m so glad I’ll get to share them with her.
So I’m making a cyber toast (hence the gorgeous pink champagne) TO BECCA!!!!
Love ya!

Controversial contest feedback!

I’ve entered a number of US contests this year – it’s addictive – but so far I’m yet to final in any!

The interesting thing is that almost always my scores/comments are VERY diverse. This has happened in most of the RWA Oz contests I’ve entered too but until recently they had three or four judges per entry and always dropped the lowest, so I was lucky.
Anyway today I got feedback on my ‘OHHN’ mss – you know the one with the ghosts?! Funny that one judge absolutely loved it – she said fabulous things and comments on certain lines she just adored.
One line she liked was ‘If lattes spoke, this was how they’d sound.’
Well… the other judge hated this line. Said it was way OTT! It was like this with many other lines/ paras – one judge loved it, one thought it was TOO MUCH!!
So, who do I listen to? LOL. In the end, I’m just gonna go with my gut!
Anyone out there entered any contests lately? Aside from the MAJOR one šŸ™‚