Controversial contest feedback!

I’ve entered a number of US contests this year – it’s addictive – but so far I’m yet to final in any!

The interesting thing is that almost always my scores/comments are VERY diverse. This has happened in most of the RWA Oz contests I’ve entered too but until recently they had three or four judges per entry and always dropped the lowest, so I was lucky.
Anyway today I got feedback on my ‘OHHN’ mss – you know the one with the ghosts?! Funny that one judge absolutely loved it – she said fabulous things and comments on certain lines she just adored.
One line she liked was ‘If lattes spoke, this was how they’d sound.’
Well… the other judge hated this line. Said it was way OTT! It was like this with many other lines/ paras – one judge loved it, one thought it was TOO MUCH!!
So, who do I listen to? LOL. In the end, I’m just gonna go with my gut!
Anyone out there entered any contests lately? Aside from the MAJOR one πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Controversial contest feedback!

  1. Me, me!Ha, and as you know I amusingly found favour with your OTT judge and less with the one who adored you…This lark is subjective!But what you failed to mention is that they both gave you good scores – so it's subjective but positive…

  2. I've never entered any of the US comps. In fact I was thinking of giving all comps a miss, simply because of the dilemma you're facing right there! But you know, i'm coming round the other way again. Gotta do something while we wait huh?

  3. LOL – one man's trash is another man's treasure right? You are never gonna please everyone all at once…I entered a couple US comps – yet to hear anything from either, as well as the High Five.

  4. I think it's a good sign to have a wide range of scores; it means you're doing something original. I always found with contests that if two or more people said the same thing, I paid attention; otherwise I took the comments as a whole and tried to learn what I could.I love entering contests, I wish I could do more! it gives me a buzz that has nothing to do with whether or not I win.

  5. Thanks Becca – for as always putting my woe (not that I'm really woeful) into perspective!Jackie – that's the reason I like entering contests. Keeps me feeling like I'm achieving something. Good for deadlines too.Janette – good luck on your US contests!Julie – I think you're right and I also think it's good to take a day or two to think over the comments before making any hasty changes. Yay on the gerberas – I quite like them myself :)Suzanne – only problem is when my instinct has gone AWOL!! lol!

  6. I was going to say go with your gut but if instinct has deserted you I say do half and half – delete half the line and leave it like that πŸ˜‰ It's the writing version of buying both things when you can't decide πŸ˜›

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