Rachael Johns LIVE

I’m excited to announce that my website is now LIVE!

Click on this link to have a peak: Rachael Johns
In other news, the wip is slowly coming together. I’m almost at 30k and the BM is in sight!!!
May just have had a minor epiphany on the heroine’s conflict though, which would mean going back and changing a few things. It also means the full would be quite different to the synopsis I subbed with my partial to M&B.
So I’m torn… do I make the changes, which I think will improve the mss or wait until I hear on my sub!?

20 thoughts on “Rachael Johns LIVE

  1. I would go with the flow and see where it leads. If it makes the wip stronger then that can't be a bad thing can it? The syno can be changed later. Take care. Caroline x p.s. going off to have a look at yoyr web site!

  2. Your website looks awesome, Rach. Do I remember you saying your mom was doing it? Really cool.I guess you should just go ahead and finish your WIP. I think deviation from synopsis is okay.Sri.

  3. Loooove your website – congrats :)WRT your mss, I'd make the changes so it's the best it can be. If the ed wants to see more you can give her a fab mss. Like Caroline & Sri said, I think it's ok to deviate from the synopsis.

  4. RAch, your website is fabulous! Love it. Thanks for the shout-out for me too. *blush*I'm seconding everyone else re the wip. Go with your gut and make the changes. I think they do understand that the synop can change.

  5. Thanks muchly EVERYONE for your lovely words about my website.I AM definitely deviating from the synopsis – it's gonna be a stronger story because of it – I'm just hoping hte editor doesn't reject me on what I had before! ARGH… this business is tough!

  6. They don't buy based on synopsis or I never would have sold, on that you can trust me!And anyway, my editor asked me to change my end dramatically, and it was requested based on the synop, but when she read it, I hadn't executed it quite right, so I ended up rewriting the last half. All that to say, if you feel it's going to sort out an issue, I'd do it. Though, I wouldn't erase the original! Always save everything!!

  7. Thanks gals for the lovely words on my website and your thoughts on the synopsis issue!! Will update the blog in a second!And a HUGE congrats to Maisey for your sale! Thanks for stopping by and offering your wisdom!:)Rach!

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