Compulsively checking email and the letterbox…

Last week a good friend of mine heard on her sub at Super. I subbed a partial there two weeks after her, so since then I’ve been on edge, thinking I might be hearing something soon.

Then this morning another good friend, heard on a partial which she subbed at Richmond LAST WEEK! I KNOW talk about record time.

Well… I subbed my revised partial (yep I emailed the editor I’m working with and told her about the changes I wanted to make to story and synopsis and she said to send the new version) last Tuesday to the same editor, so now I’m compulsively checking email every five minutes to see if I’ve heard.

I tell ya, this writing caper is seriously hazardous to one’s mental health!!

Anyone else heard on subs lately!?


14 thoughts on “Compulsively checking email and the letterbox…

  1. The waiting in this game is MURDER. I checked so compulsively about my last sub that I got sick of myself and turned my internet off for a couple of days. When I turned it back on I found my ed had gotten back to me about two hours after I'd turned off my connection. I waited an extra two days for nothing.So check compulsively I say. It's not obsessive at all for those who know what it's like.

  2. Yep, I'm a compulsive checker of email, the phone, the letterbox–everything! If I didn't love writing so much I'd give up given I'm the least patient person I know.And it seems that when you are published, it doesn't get any easier! Or quicker!

  3. Email, Ihearts page, Email, Ihearts Page, Email, Ihearts Page, and so on and so forth and visit everyone else's blog in the break to see how everyone else is coping. :-(Good luck on your sub.

  4. Urgh, the waiting is the worst part of this caper. I sent a sub off yesterday, though I'm not expecting a verdict for quite some time.Oh well. At least I'll have Christmas and summer fun to distract me. Good luck, Rach. I have everything crossed for you!

  5. Oh thank god its not just me. I check, turn away, turn back, check again. Like some sort of demented obsessive compulsive disorders for writers. One full out there, no feedback, one partial (same) and a comp entry at the moment. Nanowrimo was a distraction for a month, but now I'm back on the 'checking' bandwagon again. Its TORTURE!!!

  6. OMG – so I'm not alone on this looney boat?? I hear you all – Complusive Email Checker CEC – that's ME! I purposely left my comp at home on my recent US trip – only to visit the business centre in EVERY city we stayed… sad, tragic, true…

  7. Ah it's pure torture. Hope you're bearing up okay. All I've got 'out there' is my comp entry at the moment so I'm with Sri. We're probably both staring at the same un-updated pages together!Hope you get some good news soon 🙂

  8. I know just what you mean, Rach. Hang in there. Took me 20mos from start to finish with His Virgin Acquisition. 4 1/2 mos between my last revision and The Call, and in the end, I promise, the wait doesn't matter. But I know it's rough the WHOLE time!!

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