I have absolutely ALWAYS had the title of the book before I’ve started writing. I had Cameron and Peppa’s title before I started the book – The Maverick Millionaire’s Christmas Fairy!

Now that I’ve been given revisions on my partial the story is no longer going to be set at Christmas time, therefore really needs a totally new title.
Usually titles come to me but since this book has already been started, I’m stumped. So I’m turning it over to you guys! I’ll pay any fabulous ideas with cyber choccies (Lindt balls of course) and pink champagne (of which I’m indulging myself with now for no particular reason aside from the fact it was cheap when I did the grocery shopping)!!!
The story is about Cameron (the head honcho of a major recording studio/company) and Peppa (short for Penelope – an aspiring singer). They meet when she’s dressed as a fairy entertaining kids at a charity party for which he’s a sponsor. She wants a big family (but is scared a medical condition won’t let her achieve this dream) and to become a singer star – she wants IT ALL! He has lost a wife and unborn baby already and never wants to go there again. He’s steering clear of any type of committment.
The category hook? An unplanned pregnancy during a no-strings liaison!
Is that enough to go on for the title? Please help!!!!!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Aren't HM&B stepping away from "Billionaire" in the title these days? – I read that on Kate Walkers blog I think.Suggestions: The Mavericks Unplanned PregnancyDuh – that's it! Minds gone blank. Sorry. Blame it on the 'flu that I've got at the moment! Take care. Caroline x

  2. LOVE all the suggestions. How about: The Mavericks Musical Mistress?HA! Say that three times fast.(Yes, I shamelessly stole my inspiration from Becca's brilliant suggestion)Amy

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