Goals for Twenty-Ten!!

These goals are a to-do list, not a wish list!! They’re things I CAN achieve if I really put my mind to it (in no particular order).

Obviously my WISH is to be published in 2010, but that is not completely within my control!
Writing goals
Goal #1:
Finish revisions on the partial of ‘Maverick Millionaire, Musical Mistress’ and sub to the editor I’m working with.
Goal #2:
Read more!
Goal #3:
Finish ‘OHHN’ and sub to Superromance.
Goal #4:
Enter the eharlequin Superromance pitch.
Goal #5:
Attend ‘Romancing The West’ and the ‘Romance Writers of Australia conference’ in Coogee.
Goal #6:
Rewrite ‘Falling For His Magic’ and sub to Modern Heat.
Non-writing goals
Goal #1:
Lose another six kilos! Yeah baby!!!
Goal #2:
Finish Trouble’s baby photo scrapbook and make a start on His Lordship’s!

20 thoughts on “Goals for Twenty-Ten!!

  1. Sally, Anne, Nicki, Lorraine and Sami – thanks for stopping by. I'm hoping I'll find the energy from somewhere to be busy, productive and successful. Happy New Year to all of you!

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