LoveCats and progress!

First things first… I sent my revisions on my partial off to M&B. Am sooooooooo nervous and really have absolutely no idea whether I nailed them or flunked out, but time will tell.

I’m back to sitting on the NTAI couch and I’m trying to work out whether the second time you sub the same (well technically) partial, you get to buy more shoes or if it’s a once per manuscript type of thing.


While I determine what to do next, I’ve been blog surfing. What better way to spend time I don’t really have?
Anyway some friends of mine (along with some friends of theirs) have started a fabulous new blog for readers and writers who LOVE category romance. Head on over to LoveCatsDownunder – there’s loads of prizes to be won during their first week on ‘air.’
If the prizes aren’t enough to get you running there, this pic should do it. It’s just one of the fabulous pics they’ve got of cats and animals!


8 thoughts on “LoveCats and progress!

  1. That's so exciting Rach! I'm doing the equivalent of bouncing up and down on your NTAI couch beside you – can you feel my excitement? Definitely more shoes! When you nail revisions you get to buy two pairs right?

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