Quick post on writing process!

Hey folks

Am crazily trying to finish my mss that I entered in the Emmy!
You see, I had every intention to have it finished well before the second round announcement but then I got the revisions request on the partial from the ed. I stopped writing the rest of the book then and rewrote the beginning so it actually changed quite dramatically. I assumed I probably wouldn’t get into the second round and would worry about crossing that bridge (ie. writing the last 10k of original version) when and if I did.
So Monday, I get the email saying I’m through. Monday night I read ALL what I had written of original incarnation and Tuesday I start writing.
Now usually… at least lately… I’ve been a pretty low-output writer. I try for 5k a week but frequently don’t make it. Now I had to write 10k in less than a week.
There was a fair amount of cursing and screaming.
And then I got on with it.
And what I’ve learnt is that I CAN write when my muse is taking a tea break and I CAN write when I’m tired or have a sore throat or have had not a moment’s peace during the day. I CAN write to deadline.
I’m just hoping that when this is all over, I maintain the discipline I’ve been forced to adopt.
End of ramblings!

10 thoughts on “Quick post on writing process!

  1. Go you – and yes you CAN do it! I dragged myself to the cafe today – the lack of kids, husband, TV, Internet did wonders… Have told hubby I MUST have at least 1.5 hours a day where I go to the cafe and write (and um, drink scads of coffee too). Hmmm not sure he agrees…Good luck with the rest of your 10k!

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