Sex please!?

Now… that got your attention, didn’t it 🙂

I’ve been reading over (and over and over and over) my revisions – highlighting them, pulling them apart and typing up notes on what needs to be done for me to move forward and make this mss sparkle enough for Mills and Boon to WANT IT!! And one of the main things I need to focus on fixing is the SENSUALITY.
It’s not that I’ve been told my love scenes are crap – more that I could make them A LOT steamier, more unique, more emotional. One phrase the editor said in regards to these scenes was that I should really try to PUSH THE BOUNDARIES OF SENSUALITY.
Now… I’ve been mulling this over for a day or two now and I’m pretty doggone certain that she doesn’t mean I need to introduce hand cuffs, blind folds, sex toys or veggies!
In the current version I had my h&H getting nice and cosy in the bath far too early and I’ve been told I need to really ramp up the sexual tension here. So I’m probably gonna lose the candles and the bath and go for something much more special… when I can think of what that special is.
There’s a black out and my h&H ‘sleep’ together in near pitch black with only the natural acclimatization of their eyes to help them see. I’m thinking I could use this whole dark element and bring into play the other senses – touch, taste, smell – a WHOLE lot more!?
Before I dive head first into these rewrites, I’ve been catching up on a little reading (am WAY behind on my TBR pile) and hoping that I’ll have some sort of light bulb moment while reading the love scene of my fave authors.
Finished Natalie Anderson’s ‘To Love, Honour and Disobey’ last night – loved it, no surprises there – and am about to start Kate Hardy’s ‘Good Girl or Gold Digger!’ Oh and I just read Heidi Rice’s sneak peak of her new book on her site and am thoroughly bamboozled – but in a good way.
Of course… while hubby thinks I’m reading instead of doing housework, I can say it’s ALL in the name of research. He’d actually prefer we did some research of another sort entirely – wink wink, nudge, nugde!!!
So what do you like in a love scene? What WOWS you!? Come on ladies, inspire me!!!

22 thoughts on “Sex please!?

  1. Rach – I think the use of senses during a black out sounds lethal (in a good way). When we lose one of our senses, the remaining amplify to compensate so taste, touch, smell ALL become way more important. Oh, you are going to have some fun writing that one!

  2. Best of luck with your revisions. I like conversation in my love scenes. I think it makes it more about the two characters rather than just the mechanics.

    Hope you find some time for some “real time” research.

  3. My love scenes always take a while to write because I really go to town with them. I like a lot of sensuality so there's lots of touch, sound, scent. Sometimes there's talk but I don't like too much because it ruins the mood for me.
    But Anne's right, it should be about the characters themselves and not just man a and woman b. Each character should make love in their own special way. And speaking of which, must go and check on the Frenchman. 😉

  4. LIke you Rach,
    I have to work really hard on the emotions between the characters to get it right or there's no 'love' in the love scene. Good luck witht he bath tub and dark scene, sounds great already!

  5. Love your beginning of your blog Rach!

    For your book I say bring on the handcuffs etc… no only joking!!!!!

    I like the idea of the blackout – although the bath sounded good too – but you are right – to bath together you already have to really have a strong/healthy connection, if you are still working on that then the dark room sounds good.

    I have to admit, I am on Anne's side, I love conversation in love scenes. Because come on, when in reality is it all deadly silent and serene and just goes perfectly first time with no hitches?

    Ok- talked enough sex for the day! Enjoy your research!

    Bye 4 now

  6. Rach, I love the sound of the blackout. Taking away the visual will bring the other senses beautifully to centre stage.

    Great chance to heighten the attraction.

    Have fun with it.

  7. Good luck with writing the love scene, Rach. Not an easy task, is it?

    Personally, I like love scenes that don't just describe what the hero and heroine are doing, but also focuses on how they're feeling – particularly, towards each other. How their personalities are revealed during such an intimate act. And the impact this has on their internal conflict. In terms of sensuality, I like the use of sensual language.

    I'm with the others – the scene in the dark sounds promising. Happy writing – and researching 🙂

  8. I also love the black out idea. My advice re sex / sensual scenes is to keep it real – by that i mean NOW is not the time to bring in some fresh new way or yourextensive vocabulary to describe bodily reactions. Talk about yanking you out of the moment. LOL Nie blog, I popped over after seeiong you oops on the loop

  9. Rach, I hope you have a stat tracker because you are gonna get some weirdos on your site from this post. I know. I did on love scenes a while back…

    I love to write love scenes, and I love for them to be an expression of my characters. So, along with build up of tension which I think it a huge factor to how sensual a scene will be.

    I like to use the specific background (waterfall??) and things about my characters to make it unique and help develop the relationship. A good little test, which I've talked about before, is that if it lifts out of the MS and you didn't lose anything but sex, then maybe it isn't working. 🙂

    My other advice? Go for broke. Don't worry about who's going to read it or what they'll think. Just let yourself be free. This is why I make myself blush when I reread later…

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