Happy Cupcake Award

A WHILE back the lovely Lacey Devlin nominated me for a Happy Cupcake Award – now this truly made me smile, for since being pregnant with High Maintenance I’ve been a cake fiend!!

The reward says I must write a list of ten things that make me happy so here goes – in absolutely NO order at all:
1) Writing – it’s my absolute dream job. Who wouldn’t want to be able to show up to work in their pjs in winter and only their underwear in summer!? Now if only I could make it a paid one πŸ™‚
2) My boys – all FOUR of them (including hubby). They drive me insane most of the time and make me tired (no one asks me if I was a child bride anymore) all the time but I wouldn’t want to live without ANY of them!
3) My MUM – she like totally rocks. She loves my boys (including hubby) sooooo much and would (constantly does) go beyond the call of duty for all of us. She even irons hubby’s shirts and High Maintenance’s school uniforms. I didn’t meet my dad until I was 17 but have been more than blessed in the Mum Department.
4) Diet Coke – I know I’m probably gonna get lectures from at least half of you on how it’s so bad for me and killing me slowly but I DO limit myself to one can a day and its my only vice. Besides chocolate!
5) My friends from school – five of the best friends a girl could ever hope for. They are totally different, all totally stunning and beautiful inside as well. I don’t see them nearly as much as I’d like but when I do, it’s like we’ve never been apart.
6) Cats – they have so much personality and are clean, unlike DOGS!
7) Romance Writers of Australia – through this fabulous organisation I have come so far in my writing and met the most amazing people!
8) Reading – it’s a pleasure I don’t get to nearly enough.
9) My part time job working at the local library!
10) When my house is clean! It rarely is and I HATE housework but for those few moments it’s spotless – I’m one happy woman!
Now am supposed to play tag and nominate other people for this brilliant award but most people I know have already been nominated – so if you want to play and haven’t yet been nominated, then I nominate YOU!!!

7 thoughts on “Happy Cupcake Award

  1. Yeah, Rach, I used to have the 'child bride' prob too (practically was one at 19!)But three kids later and lots of dark circles not even makeup can combat?? Not so much.

    I love diet soda, but I'm a Pepsi girl. I know it's bad. I don't care. I love it. I don't even ever drink alcohol so it should be an even trade. HAH. Oh, and I exist on caffeine instead of sleep, so maybe *that's* not good either.

    yay for boys! Kids and husbands!! And moms!! And little girls, which I finally have one of.

  2. Libraries are AWESOME Jackie!!!

    Leah – yay – off to check it out now!

    Maisey – I wasn't quite a child bride – 23 – but apparently I've always looked young. Not anymore! How much Diet Soda do you drink per day out of interest? Just seeing if I can talk my way into more.

  3. Oh no…er…I have to confess this?? Um…well, it depends on how much coffee I drink…which I *know* is too much. But sometimes two cans…I know!!!

    23 is hardly a child bride!! I just turned 24 last week and I've been married for five years in May! πŸ˜›

    And uh…lol on my first book and the love scenes. You know what? I like them. But it's always nice to see how much more you like your own writing when an ed validates it! LOL.

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