Oh What a Night….

I stayed up late reading Mira Lyn Kelly’s debut – Wild Fling and a Wedding Ring (gotta LOVE that title).

And WOW!!!!!!!!!!
For anyone aspiring to write Modern Heat or any category romance this book is a MUST read.
The story is about the lovely Calista (Cali) and the divine Jackson (Jake) – they meet at a bar, he rescues her and they end up in a phone booth. I won’t say any more about the plot for fear of ruining the reading experience – as if!
But for those of us struggling to get a balance with conflict, Mira’s book (I believe) is the perfect example of how the conflict doesn’t have to be based on horrid childhoods, evil step mothers, abuse, a zillion dead bodies, etc etc etc. It just has to be clear, concise and the focus of the whole book.
Cali is a career driven heroine if ever I saw one and Jake has been there and done that where marriage is concerned. He has no desire to go there again. Mira shows how a simple conflict – when paired with fabulous three-dimensional characters – can drive the whole book. I really saw how plot devices are unnecessary and how 50k focusing almost solely on the relationship doesn’t get boring if done properly.
Of coures I’m extremely jealous and reading Mira’s book hasn’t at ALL helped the severe case of doubts that have plagued me the last week or so, but I’m so glad I read it.
Wild Fling and a Wedding Ring is definitely a KEEPER!

17 thoughts on “Oh What a Night….

  1. Oh, that sounds fantastic! I absolutely loved Lucy King's debut, and am looking forward to this one after your great review!

    But it looks like there is still two months to go before even Book Depository has it 😦

    I read a good Sweet today – the Housekeeper's Happy Ever After by Fiona Harper. It did have the really sad backstory for the heroine's conflict – her husband and daughter were killed in a car accident four years earlier. I think both can work – tragic pasts or more “everyday” conflicts. Generally I prefer the “lighter” conflicts, but Fiona Harper's book made me cry, it was really beautful.

  2. Rach, lol, imagine my surprise when I pop over here to see how your revisions are coming!! WoW!! Huge thanks to you for the incredible compliments on the book. Since I've been exactly where you are struggling with all the revisions (including dreadful plot device elimination), you can imagine how much it means to me to hear all the hard work paid off. Thank you so much!!

  3. sounds great Rach!
    And meant to ask – how is that ereader going? I'm almost tempted to wait for the next big thing the IPad but have no clue if it's worth it, or not!!

  4. Leah I totally agree with you! Both ways can work – but its so refreshing to see a really fabulous story that isn't heavy on depressing backgrounds. Hey… mine involves a dead wife and an ectopic pregnancy, so it's not exactly light and fluffy πŸ™‚

  5. Sounds like a beauty, Rach. Great title!

    As for those doubts of yours, you need to whop them over the head until they shut up. You're doing brilliantly. Your writing is fresh, vibrant and special, and I KNOW you're going to absolutely nail those revisions.

    Sigh. I really, really want an e-reader…but I'm with Mel. Which one???

  6. Mel – I LOVE my eReader. Am totally in love!!! I don't know anything about the iPad… have never been an Apple girl myself, but I know that I wanted something that simply read ebooks and didn't have all the other things I probably wouldn't use. So I'm a happy camper.

  7. I'm still reading Mira Lyn Kelly's debut and it's smokin' hot! Can't wait to read the rest now πŸ™‚

    Ah, conflict…can read as simple and straight-forward, but so difficult to achieve *sigh*

  8. *sweeps upcoming Presents release with dead wife and sister under the rug* Oh, totally, I'm all about light back story…LOL.

    JK, I know it works both ways. It's very true that the heavy background isn't necessary. I think as long as the conflict rings true to the reader then the cause isn't the issue. It's the believability. πŸ˜€

    Can't wait to get a hold of Mira's book…my TBR is frightening…

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