The Cure…

They say the cure for NTAI (that’s not thinking about my full submission which is currently languishing on a ‘metaphorical’ desk at M&B) is getting stuck into a new project.

So I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been doing to try and keep my mind off the book that is now out of my hands:
1) Using Snapfish to begin to get up to date with the kid’s photos. I try and do a photobook for each child for each year of their life. It’s an aim… I’m WAY behind!
2) Tackling the never-ending pile of washing that constantly threatens to bury my entire household. As its winter down under and most clothes don’t seem to be able to survive the dryer anynore, this task is even more daunting than it usually is.
3) Critting work from my lovely and talented CPs.
4) Planning and writing up a proposal/synopsis for my next Modern Heat idea… so that whatever the verdict on my subbed full, I’ll have something else to hit them with. I’m finding this planning stage immensely enjoyable. LOVE my two new characters – Poppy and Nate – and think I’ve actually got their conflicts pretty solid and sorted but just have to work out what happens in the latter part of the book so I can finish the synopsis.
5) And today, I just dove right in and started writing an idea that’s been mulling around in my head for quite some time. It’s part chick-lit part rural romance I suppose. I’m trying for Single Title with this baby but am also trying to keep the pressure off. I’m writing this one for fun, not with publication in sight!
So… what is your favourite and best thing to do while you’re waiting to hear back on a submission?

13 thoughts on “The Cure…

  1. Rach, you busy bee! Sounds like you have tons to keep you busy while you wait (not too long I hope!) and a good mix to keep it balanced too.
    Okay, after my last sub, I…watched an entire season of Gray's Anatomy in like four days. I REALLY need a brain break!! Then, started working on this next book while I waited to hear back.

  2. Rach, have my fingers crossed for you though sure you don't need any luck!!
    Good on you for writing your 'other' book, think it's good for the soul to feed it with other genres =)

  3. Argh, washing!! Argh!! I feel your pain. My best thing to do is keep writing. It's the only thing that works for me. Movies can help and spending time with the kids is also good. Oh and shopping. hehe. Bring on the NTAI Shoes!!

  4. Oh I hear you on the washing. It's supposed to be Spring here, but no one's told the rain!

    I usually read outside my usual genre when I've finished writing a ms, something historical for a change.

    Although a whole season of Grey's sounds like lots of fun, too!

  5. I like to get out of the house. Very exciting for me, since I spend most of my life in front of my computer.

    Also, love to read new-to-me authors. And dig right in on the next project.

    Your single title sounds terrific. Here's to the call in your near future!

  6. Thanks everyone – sorry I've been soooooooo absent!!!

    Joanne – love reading outside my genre too. well sort of – I still read Romance usually but ST rather than category!

    Christine – thanks for stopping by and thanks for your nice words on my ST idea. Unfortunately its on the backburner cos I've succumbed to another category – lol!

    Suzanne – definitely the best remedy… and that's what I've done 🙂

  7. Rach, I always intend to start another MS straight away, but sometimes I need to clear my head. So I create characters in my head (heh, and I get paid for that instead of being put on medication for it…isn't writing great?) and then I kind of…slack. Read, catch up on TV I've missed. Apologize to my family for having sudden outbursts where I say things like, “But I really think if he's going to work through his conflict he needs to face his ultimate fear!!!” (then they stare at me blankly)

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