Okay… two posts in one day is probably a record for me but I NEED HELP!

My heroine needs a few good reasons why NOT to go stay with an absolute stranger!? Now Ithought that would be easy but the only reason I could come up with is that she doesn’t know him and he might be a crazy psycho serial killer!?
Surely there’s other reasons!? Please… help!!!
I can offer cyber chocolates for those who come up with fabulous witty reasons and hopefully one day the book will be published and you’ll get a kick out of seeing your reason in print! It’s a dream!

21 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Could she be intimidated by men after a bad experience? (this is a man, right? lol!) or maybe she has really bad gastro and doesn't want to disgrace herself… (vbg) hmm, maybe she has a medical condition she doesn't want anyone to know about. Or she has a sick mother/uncle/brother/pet dog she doesn't want to leave for even a day.
    Oh, this is fun!!!

  2. Sorry I can't help Rach. I'm very good at making my heroines run off with complete strangers and not so good at keeping them on the straight and narrow. Can only imagine what their mothers would say to me, but luckily I have a crit group that's a lot more discreet.

  3. I'm with Jackie here. A single young woman is vulnerable and staying with a male stranger can be asking for trouble (maybe her mother always told her that, maybe her sister had paid the price for doing exactly that). Maybe she is just very wary and people have to prove themselves to her before she can give her trust. Why? Or maybe she is so independent she would never stay with someone else, particularly a stranger. Maybe she has inherited her sister's cat (I assume dead sister was living in LA and this is why your heroine went to LA for a week?) and he's allergic to cats? Maybe – despite her grief over her sister's death – she also doesn't want to hear anymore about how great her sister was (which she feels guilty about) and living with the hero means reminiscing (since they were friends)? Maybe I'm just way off track here….sigh

  4. I'm with Jackie, make her do it 😉 If it was me I'd probably still consider running around in a snow storm rather than stay because who needs all ten toes anyway? You'd definitely have to make me 😛

  5. Oh you guys are all so hilarious and helpful! Thanks.

    Mel – glad you had fun!! Those are all fabulous reasons and actually suit another heroine of mine very well 🙂

    Rae – LOL on making your heroines run off with strangers. Your books sound SUCH fun!

    Jackie – you're probably right… it was just the way I started the second chap, she was arguing with him and needed a few reasons, but maybe I just have to change the start instead 🙂

    Angie – is there NO end to your creativity!? LOL. Now I just need you to help me brainstorm the rest of the book 🙂

    Keziah – great to see ya here. ANd I LOVE the secret slut idea 🙂

    Lacey – oooh I hate the cold, so I dunno… I might go with the serial killer… but I'm dim like that 🙂

  6. Maybe something has come up (!) regarding her planned accommodation. Perhaps a mix up of dates, a fire in the hotel, all her cash has been stolen? I don't know, maybe she herself is the crazy person and just plain fancies the pants of the hero! I know I wouldn't stay with a stranger in real life but if I was your heroine I'd already be unpacking.

  7. What if she sleep walks? Night terrors? (do adults get those?) Has a band that practices loudly at night? Practices the violin/cello/drums late at night because she works all day?

  8. Ooooh really, really good point Aideen!!! Am liking that she's the crazy one!

    Anne – funny you mentioned night terrors. Yes, adults can have them and in fact, the hero in my subbed full has shocking night terrors and consequently NEVER stays the night with a woman.

  9. Hi Kez = will pop over to your blog ASAP! 🙂

    Jennifer – thanks for those fabulous new suggestions! Oh and can I just say you have the most fabulous blog! Have just added you to my blog roll!

  10. These are great ones. I LOLed. And Rach, your original reasons *are* more than enough.

    Ummm…she once had a wild affair with a total stranger and it ended badly. Very badly. Not scary badly. Just he-was-a-total-loser badly.

    Speaking of cats… her cat hates him on sight, and every male her cat hates turns out badly for her. Very badly. Then, at the end, the cat can learn to like him. Even adore him. In the dark moment, the cat loves the hero and the heroine calls her cat a traitor.

  11. Oh Christine – such a COOL idea with the cat, unfortunately my heroine has hopped off a plane from Australia for the week when she stays with the hero, so she doesn't have a cat 😦 But I do… and I LOVE them 🙂

  12. So Rach, I presume she really HAS to stay with him, but doesn't want to as he's a total stranger? In which case, she could have a hang up about being a charity case. She knows he doesn't want her to stay, but he's being a gentleman, and she's furious with herself at being stuck in this difficult situation, but because she has no alternative, takes it out on him instead. Could be totally off track here, difficult to know without knowing more…

  13. Sally – thanks so much! I reckon your hang up about the chartiy case is spot-on-the-money! Why couldn't I see that?

    Christine – yes – the options are finally coming together 🙂

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