Just wondering…

While at the dayjob (or one of them) at the library today, I was putting back books on the shelf and it got me thinking about a genre I’ve always liked, don’t read enough of and would love to write but don’t think I have the KNOW-HOW!

That’s right folks – I’m Rachael Johns, I’m a write-a-holic and one day I’d really love to pen a crime fiction!!! Or a mystery!

So I got wondering… do any of you lovely blog ladies have a genre you’d like to try but haven’t had the guts to yet and wonder if you ever will? I’d love to hear šŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “Just wondering…

  1. Haha – yes, I'm the same! I love romantic suspense (Linda Howard, Karen Robards etc) but don't think I have the skill to write one. Maybe one day!

    I reckon you should give it a go! (although you have to finish your new book first – I want to read it šŸ™‚ )

  2. LOL Leah – maybe we could collaborate! At least you can pick your DP's brain on some of that kinda stuff! Hope you're enjoying KL. Jealous? Just a bit! And don't worry about the current wip – I don't think it is in any real danger from my desire to flirt with crime!

  3. Oh, I ADORE crime fiction, especially dark 'n dirty British crime, but I've never wanted to try my hand at it. Weird.

    I wouldn't mind writing a thriller, though. Something really fast-paced and dangerous but I think the genre I'd like most to have a crack at is horror. A really scary, sleep-stealing, heart-stopping romp through freaksville. Fun!

    But if you're going to have a crack at crime, Rach, I want to book my spot now to be first reader. Knowing your voice and style, I reckon it'd be fabulous!

  4. No judgements on what I reveal!
    I am a huge sci-fi fanatic, I love Star Trek especially the Next Generation and even have the outfits to match. I love watching sci-fi on TV – I even have a son called Elliott after the boy in ET.
    But I have never got into sci-fi books. I know there are thousands who read them but I just can't translate the visuals on screen to the descriptions in the books. I would love to (secretly) write a sci-fi!

  5. Ooh this is so much fun! First crime and romantic suspense and now we have HORROR and SCI-FI!!

    Thanks for wanting to read my crime Cathryn but please don't hold your breath!

    LOL Susan I won't judge but I totally don't UNDERSTAND either šŸ™‚ How's your revisions going?

  6. Ooh there aren't many genre's I don't like to read (so long as they are heavy on the romance). Suspense, thillers, Parnomals, Fantasy, Sci-fi–all awesome if you sprinkle generously with lingering stares, hot lip-locks, and more. BUT, as to trying to write them…with one exception, No. Romantic Suspense, though, I'd love to give another shot at, just as something different to reset my brain once in a while.

  7. Um…romantic suspense, maybe. And I always thought I might do Christian romance, actually, but I'm so addicted to all the passion in Presents that I don't think I would now. LOL.

    But romance is my fave and I just don't think I *could* write anything else. It would end up all…romancey…no matter what!

  8. Wow Mira and Maisey secret romantic suspensers too! Clearly its a VERY popular genre!

    Christian romance would be QUITE different to Presents Maisey but good for challenging yourself in two diversely different genres I reckon!

  9. Yes! I always wanted to write a mystery too. In fact when I first got the idea to write that's what I thought I'd be writing–NOT lighthearted romance. LOL
    I have NO idea how I would even begin to write a mystery. LOL

  10. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and it looks great!

    I'm a romance writer, through and through, but someday I'd love to write a mystery. It just seems like a ton of fun!

  11. OMH we have TWO Sci-Fi FREAKS!!! Just joking Jackie and Susan – I loves ya really!

    Anne – LOVE the sound of your heroine!

    And good question Jennifer – maybe we just have to start with a mystery to solve and no idea of how? Then we work through it with the kickass female protagonist?! Something to ponder!

    Meika – so glad you stumbled across me šŸ™‚ And welcome to MWC (Mytery's Wannabee Club)!

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