Have finished writing a new partial for Modern Heat. Am stoked, I really like this story and even the synopsis is shaping up to be not too terrible.

My dilemma is that now I’m impatient to sub it – lol – and I can’t because I’ve already got something under consideration there!!
Anyway Happy Friday to you all.
Hope you’re all feeling as happy as me and that this isn’t the high before a low!!! Surely they wouldn’t send an R on a Friday and ruin my weekend??

10 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Oh well done you! I'm still wading through my latest wip, struggling at the moment, actually because I'm in an in-between bit.
    Great to know when you get your yes, you've another one waiting in the wings!

  2. Aw Jackie – thanks so much, you sure know how to make a girl feel GOOD!

    As do you Sally! 'When I get my yes' – I like that! Good luck with your wip – trust me I've been in the struggling stage many a time.

    Joanne – here's hoping we both hear soon. These waits are hell! I'd rather hear NO after two months than two years!

    Hi Sri – thanks so much for stopping by with your kind wishes.

    Susan – lol on the good example.I HAVE no idea what to do now though, cos I don't really want to finish the full before I've had feedback on the partial. Last time the whole book changed after feedback on the partial.

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