Another course!

Last day of July and I must say I’m glad to see the back of it, cos August is RWA Oz Conference and I absoluely completely CANNOT wait. Catching up with good writing buddies, talking writing ALL weekend, learning heaps, hanging out in a swish hotel, having the odd wine… can’t think of much better! Hopefully I’ll remember to actually USE my camera this year and take lots of pics.

August is also a course month for me. Yep, I’ve enrolled in yet another online course. This one is with the fabulous Shirley Jump and its entitled ”Take Your Book From Good To Sold.” I thought that as I seem to have relative success with M&B eds, I needed something to take me over the line. Hopefully Shirley’s course will be another step in the right direction. And I’m doing it with my good writing friend Becca J Heath, so at least I’ll be in good company!

Anyone else coming to Oz or taken any good courses lately?


Will you or won’t you!?

As LOADS of blogs have mentioned the Romance Is Not Dead website is now LIVE!!

This is VERY exciting news for all aspiring M&B writers and I can already feel the buzz on the blogs and across the net, so I’m curious, who’s entering!?

I’m still a little undecided. Last M&B contest, the ed I’m working with said NOT to enter because they’d already found me! I was a little sad cos I LOVE the buzz of a good contest. Now this contest has been announced and it sounds like the contest to top all contests, I really wanna enter, but I’m not sure if that would be frowned upon after the advice I got last contest. I’ve shot off an email to the ed and will leave it up to her. Although if I don’t hear back… I’m IN!!

Sorry I’ve been quiet of late. Life has been getting in the way but I also had a bit of a break after my R and reading lots of the Romance line. I’ve been playing with my rural-romance ST kinda thing and just having a lot of fun!

I’ve also been discovering TV again! Haven’t watched it in years but my mum FORCED me to watch the first episode of the new series of Packed To The RAfters and now I’m devouring the first series. Then there’s Masterchef… thank God it finishes on Sunday šŸ™‚

Am now counting down the time to RWA Oz conf… cannot wait to catch up with my bestest writing buddies and also finally meet Jackie Ashenden (who’s also one of the best!).

No Man Is An Island…

Which may be the truth but the fact is also that I am off to an island with my real-life hero and our three gorgeous lil heroe’s in training this week. Rottnest Island to be precise! See above!

Five days and four nights without Internet access! How will I survive?
I’ll tell ya how… I have FIVE M&B Romances to take with me! Of course, I’m sure my boys will make sure reading ALL of them is near impossible but I’ll do my damn best to make you proud!