What a GOAL can do for you!

GOALS – I wrote notes about characters’ goals in my last blog post but I think there’s another person’s goals who are really important when we talk about writing.

Or rather the goals of the writer.
Since my dreaded R a few months back, I’ve been more like the tortoise than the hare when it comes to writing. I’ve still typed off the odd chapter but actual books? I’m a lo-ooooong way off! So just before the conf, I decided to set myself some writing goals that I wanted to achieve before the end of the year.
Goal #1 – write 10k of my kinda rural romance single title idea so I could enter it into RWA Oz’ Single Title And Loving It Contest this year. Not that I expect to place, although I do hope to get good feedback… the main reason for deciding to enter this contest was to give myself a deadline. And I’m pleased to report that today I met this goal.
Goal #2 was to finish the partial and synopsis of my M&B Romance targetted mss, ready to sub the first chap to the contest and if I don’t get past the first round (which let’s face it, is higly likely cos there’ll be a zillion people entering) directly to the ed I’ve been working with. I still need to edit and polish but this partial is basically done. The synopsis is well on the way.
Goal #3 was to write the first five pages (at the least) of a new M&B Romance idea, so that I could enter it into RWA Oz’s High Five contest. The deadline of this (like the STALI) is end of September and I’ve written two pages, so I guess I’m on track.
Goal #4 was to write the first 50k of my rural romance so that I could apply for an ASA Mentorship. At the moment, this goal seems the most daunting. But, unless things go extremely well with the New Voices contest and my writing time is busy elsewhere, I’m gonna do my darn best to achieve this as well.
I’ve realised I work best with tangible goals that I can tick of a visual list and FEEL GOOD about!
What about you? Do you set goals? Does it work? If so, what’s your next BIG goal!?

10 thoughts on “What a GOAL can do for you!

  1. I write goals, and *sometimes* follow them, but you've booted me up the petooti with this blog post, so I'm off to set myself some for once kids get back to school next week!

  2. There are some tough goals there for you Rach, but you can do it if you set your mind to it. God luck with it all. Is it really another whole year until we have another conf.? I feel like a kid on Boxing Day.

  3. Wow, some impressive goals and acheievements there, Rach!

    You know I'm shocking, I need the panic of a deadline to really do much at all 🙂 But I have some mini goals – while I'm on holiday I will write and polish a chapter for New Voices (which I'll also enter in the High 5) and I'll polish my partial and submit.

  4. Sally – glad I've booted you up the 'petooti' (what a fab word)! Own your goal by posting it on your blog and then we can all cheer you along 🙂

    Jackie – LOL on inspiring everyone else. Now I just need to inspire myself!

    Sami – Thanks for the faith. And yeah… I'm feeling the same as you about conf. It takes too long to arrive and goes far too quickly 😦

  5. Leah – you amaze me planning to write on holidays!!! But I have faith that when you put your mind to something, you'll achieve it. Can't wait to see what you come up with 🙂

    Cathryn – please NAG away! I need someone on my back!

  6. Yay, on reaching some of your goals, and being well on the way with the others, Rach 🙂 Very impressive indeed. Thanks for hitting me over the head and realising I need to get my butt into gear and get FOCUSED, LOL.

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