That’s me! I’m hooked on reading entries on the Mills & Boon New Voices contest website.

Hubby is snoring beside me, I have a headache cos I’m so tired and a massive few days ahead of me, but can I stop? Nope.
I’ll just read one more entry and then I’ll go to bed….
Promise 🙂
PS. I entered! Was gonna leave it longer but in the end, I just wanted it out there. Good luck to everyone else who’s entering!

21 thoughts on “Totally ADDICTED!

  1. Thanks so much Joanne – cannot wait to read yours. Your get to it 🙂

    You know Susan I am totally at a loss as to who you are. But doing a bit of detective work, I'm guessing Ros Clarke or Hope Springs. Saying THAT I've never been good at guessing who the villain is in crime fiction!

    Aw Jackie – you are the sweetest x

  2. Good luck, Rach!! I've been trying not to look because than II will have to read them all, lol. Last thing I need is another place to procrastinate – but now I'm going to have to have a peak….

  3. Fab entry, Rach. But I expect that from you!

    It's fascinating to read the different entries and compare them to one another. I'm finding the ones with strong voices really stick out. Even if they have faults, for some reason they feel more entertaining.

  4. Your entry was FAB, Rach! Well done on entering. I haven't read a lot of the entries yet, but yours stands out as one of the best so far that I've read. I agree re: entering early. I was planning on holding off, too but suspected I might lose my nerve if I waited any longer.

  5. Rach,

    Have read your chapter and I've got to say that your voice seems very well suited to Sweet if this is anything to go by. Loved it, both characters were real people with real emotions/thoughts and I would absolultey love to read what comes next.

    Well done on subbing, and such a wonderful chapter at that. Fingers crossed for you.

  6. Aideen – thanks so much! I'm really happy to aim for Sweet now. Writing all out sex scenes always made me stress about who'd be reading them in the future (if they ever DID get published) – LOL!

    Are you entering the contest!?

  7. Fabulous entry Rach! Congrats! Not that you need me to tell you since you're currently Most Popular ;). I haven't been able to leave a message there yet but you can bet the second I can find my password (uh, yes, lost it already) I'll be gushing all over your chapter too.

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