You know how I published last week that I was taking a wee break from writing to deal with the other stresses in my life?! That declaration broke my heart cos writing is my passion and my dream is publication.

Well… the week has been MEGA-LY stressful in terms of supermarket stuff and there’s so much going on right now that I feel constantly ill and exhausted BUT…
A good (published by M&B) friend of mine was lovely enough to take time from her busy schedule to read my WHOLE book (the one with revise and request from Carina) last week. Her crit was honest and hugely helpful. I have a fabulous first third apparently – like fabulous 🙂 Like I like that news.
And there’s always a humongous BUT…
I need to rewrite from chap five onwards.
I’ve read her comments through four or five times and made notes. I thoroughly agree with her thoughts. I need to get my h&H talking and about the conflict much, much sooner than they actually do.
The problem isn’t even the rewrite so much as the time it is going to take. Time that I really don’t have right now.
Now I know we NEED to make time for writing but my life is MAD at the moment. It might slow down for a while next month but then all the school and work functions/assemblies/awards nights start up in the lead up to Christmas. And then in January we’ll either be moving or in the stress between jobs. It’s NOT a good time for my creative world at the moment.
I could probably manage to find time for a new story – but a rewrite is something else entirely.
Sorry – I’m really just rambling here and bringing you up to date. I will not be subbing to Carina again just yet – cos when I do, I want to give them something they can’t resist publishing.
I just hope they’ll wait….

11 thoughts on “Spoke TOO SOON!

  1. We do need to make time for writing 🙂 It's okay to take a break when you need to for the things that keep a roof over your head. When you're overtired you miss things, so your writing won't be the best it can be either. It won't be long before your back in front of that keyboard!

  2. Darling, darling, darling, stop stressing! Of course they'll wait. Simply shoot an email to say you're completely snowed under but will get to it and the editor will understand. Editor's don't hand out rewrite and resubmit opportunities unless they're very, very interested, which means she'll be keen to read your work whether you send it tomorrow or in three months' time. Just let her know and you'll be okay.

    Chin up! All will be fine and dandy, you'll see.

  3. I bet I know who that wonderful author is who looked through your work!! And writers the most generous people around though?? =)
    Carina will wait, Rach – you can't help what life throws at you sometimes!

  4. As the mother of four children I totally hear you. You just need to take the time you need to do the things you do. Sometimes that is invested in writing, other times not. It doesnt change your passion or your goals, it just means they are under revision and adjustment. We are but a work in progress and we put our own timeline on ourselves….

  5. Whatever you do, don't stress about making them wait. Ditto to what Cathryn said (and she ought to know right?). The absolute worst thing you can do for your writing, worse even than the simple fact you are time poor right now, is STRESS about what you're not getting done. One, you've got enough to stress about without adding to it. Two, it will destroy your creativity. A creative mind needs to be limber and loose. Leave the work, let the ideas move around until they sit right. Deal with the stuff in your life. Then come back to it refreshed. It'll do you wonders. Good luck.

  6. I AM soooooooooo lucky to have so many wise women in my life – or at least on my blog 🙂


    We're on for the swap Jackie. I' definitely IN!

    Wise words Lacey.

    Cathryn – you'll be pleased to know the email is sent 🙂

    Mel – lol – I think you may be thinking of ANOTHER wonderful author because let's face it, there are SO MANY!'

    More wise words Felicity!! Who knows… maybe when I come back to it, I'll try something totally different like you are:)

    Susan – right back at ya! x

    Thanks Sami – you are SO right about the stress. It's NOT productive!!! Thanks 🙂

  7. Rach, you do what you can and no-one can expect more!! Life always throws up a spanner at the most inconvenient times – it's a strong person who can keep on going, and I know you are strong!

    Focus on the positive and lock the rest away.

    Good luck!

  8. Did they give you a dead line. A rewrite doesn't happen in a few weeks, more like six, and I have know a few authors who work full time to take three months, and their novels got published.
    The worst thing you can do is rush. 🙂

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