Not sure TRIFECTA is exactly correct cos I’ve just looked it up and apparently it’s to do with horse races and betting which horses will come first, second and third in correct order but I liked the sound of it.

Now I haven’t come first, second and third in anything in any order but I have finalled in THREE Romance Writers of Australia contests in the last week.
With my experiment in ST, I finalled in the STALI contest – Single Title and Loving It.
With my New Voices entry, I finalled in the High Five – a contest in which you enter the first five pages of a category mss.
With the New Voices entry again, I finalled in the Selling Synopsis contest – which is exactly as it sounds, a synopsis competition.
All entries are currently with really fabulous editor/agent judges and I have my fingers crossed that more good news comes from them. But whatever happens, this was a MUCH-NEEDED boost for my writing at the moment.
People have mixed opinions about contests. They can be great for one’s writing mojo if you score well and get positively constructive comments but they can also be really damaging if you let them.
I LOVE the thrill of entering contests and I’ve had luck in some and have placed dismally in others. But they are SO subjective. What one judge/contest loves another might hate.
An interesting tidbit – my mss which came Runner-Up in Mills & Boon Feel The Heat contest a few years back, placed really low to the bottom of the rankings in an RWA contest the same year. So don’t let contests weigh you down and stop you reaching for those writing STARS!
HUGE congrats to the fab Jackie Ashenden who also finalled in the High Five.

15 thoughts on “TRIFECTA

  1. Woohoo!
    I am SO NOT SURPRISED!! You are all kinds of awesome.
    Bask and enjoy. I reckon every pic of you leading up to Chrissy stuff you'll be grinning like a crazy woman – crazy good.

  2. Congrats on the contest finals! I used to enjoy contests. Getting an entry ready made me feel productive. Finaling was a huge boost to my motivation. Sadly, while I've had a bunch of second place finishes, I've never finished first.

  3. Thank you so much all you wonderful, lovely ladies.

    I was seriously stoked with this HAT TRICK (love that phrase) and the best thing is its inspired me to get back it my Carina revs, which I thought I'd finished but I hadn't!

    Anita – I'd LOVE to take the crown from Kylie but I think I probably need to actually PLACE in a few contests first. I don't seem to be very good at that bit 🙂

    Wendy – I'd be happy with second place at this stage? Especially if I follow in your footsteps 🙂

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