2011 Goals

I make goals… not resolutions. Sometimes I keep them, sometimes I don’t. But I still think it’s good to sit down and list what you’d like to achieve in a year. Kinda like a road map to where you wanna be by the end of the following year.

So my goals for 2011 are as follows (not all writing related):
*Finish my revisions for Carina Press on ”His Christmas Fairy” and sub it.
*Finish my single title.
*Write one category novel.
*Enter a couple of contests.
*Attend Romance Writers of Australia conf in Melbourne.
*Read lots and analyse the books as I go.
*Join the gym again and tone up.
*Spend some more quality time with my hubby.
So that’s me. What are your goals for 2011? If you’ve done a goal post, make sure to remind me to check your blog!

9 thoughts on “2011 Goals

  1. Hey Sheila – nice to meet you? i'll be sure to go to your blog and see if you've made that list yet 🙂

    LOL Susan – I think I just heard that. I'm sure Joanne's right. With FOUR sets of revs, your day can't be far away!

    Bec – the word there is IF!!! lol.

    Joanne – thanks Joanne! Have you got a goal list!?

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