Books Read in Twenty-Ten

Every year I keep a list of all the books I’ve read! This year the list is really surprising cos by no means did I think I’d managed to read this many books.

List is below – I’ve put an * next to my favourite ones 🙂

Shadowfae – Erica Hayes

A Night With The Society Playboy – Ally Blake

Heaven Can Wait – Cally Taylor *

Marriage Reunited, Baby on the Way – Sharon Archer *

Vision in White – Nora Roberts

Road to Paradise – Paullina Simons

Conflict of Interest – Anna Adams

Zombie Queen of Newbury High – Amanda Ashby

Mistress: At What Price? – Anne Oliver

Fired Waitress, Hired Mistress – Robyn Grady

Border Watch – Helene Young

To Love, Honour and Disobey – Natalie Anderson

Good Girl or Gold Digger? – Kate Hardy

Claiming His Bought Bride – Rachel Bailey

Her Secret Fling – Sarah Mayberry *

She’s Got It Bad – Sarah Mayberry *

Wedding Night With a Stranger – Anna Cleary *

Once Upon a Wedding – Stacy Connoly

Wild Fling and a Wedding Ring – Mira Lyn Kelly *

Lost Dogs and Lonely Hearts – Lucy Dillon *

After The Party – Lisa Jewell

Bed of Roses – Nora Roberts

Unfinished Business With The Duke – Heidi Rice

The Newborn Gift – Nikki Logan

What Kate Did Next – Lisa Heidke

Propositioned By The Billionaire – Lucy King

The Carrie Diaries – Candace Bushnell

The Cattleman’s Runaway Bride – Karlene Blackmore

Oh-So-Sensible Secretary – Jessica Hart *

Red-Hot Renegade – Kelly Hunter

Vegas Pregnancy Surprise – Shirley Jump

Saving Cinderella – Myrna Mackenzie

A Wedding At Leopard Tree Lodge – Liz Fielding

Three Times a Bridesmaid – Nicola Marsh

Savour The Moment – Nora Roberts

Seven Day Love Story – Nkki Logan

Home Is Where The Bark Is – Kandy Shephard

Red Dust – Fleur McDonald.

Inconveniently Wed – Jackie Braun

Her Brooding Italian Surgeon – Fiona Lowe

Her Bridemaid’s Secret – Fiona Harper

Three Over Par – Cathryn Brunet *

The Truth About Melody Browne – Lisa Jewell

His Virgin Acquisition – Maisey Yates

Hopetown Wives – Fran Cusworth

Tipping The Waitress With Diamonds – Nina Harrington

Wedding Date With The Best Man – Melissa McClone

The Surgeon – Tess Gerritsen

The Most Magical Gift of All – Fiona Lowe *

Maybe This Time – Jenny Crusie

A Mistake, A Prince and A Pregnancy – Maisey Yates

Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger – Heidi Rice

Desire – Louise Bagshawe.

Alli’s Playground – Bec Sampson 🙂 *

Her Best Friend – Sarah Mayberry *

Juggling Briefcase and Baby – Jessica Hart

An Independent Midwife – Susan Wilson *

Tabloid Affair, Secretly Pregnant – Mira Lyn Kelly

The Distant Hours – Kate Morton

Happy Ever After – Nora Roberts

Christmas on the Children’s Ward – Carol Marinelli

With This Fling – Kelly Hunter

Every Girl’s Secret Fantasy – Robyn Grady


9 thoughts on “Books Read in Twenty-Ten

  1. Anna – I love your books, you'll always be on my list 🙂

    Helene – cannot wait for your second book either 🙂

    Eleni – I love keeping a reading list as i'm always amazed by what I've actually managed to read 🙂

  2. Thank you for adding me to your list of books last year – and that was a stellar list!
    All the best with the writing for 2011 and if you find the secret for overcoming fear and that demon procrastination? I shall be first in the line LOL
    Best. Nina.

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