My Pet Hate In Romance

Have done a bit of driving and a fair bit of reading lately and have realised there is one thing I absolutely DESPISE in romance.

I won’t tell you the two books that made me realise this but I’ll say one was a book chosen for my book club and another the second book in a US YA series. I adored the first book in this series but this one is irritating me. I WILL finish it because I loved the first book and want to see if it gets better but… well… maybe I should tell you what IT is that annoys me.
I HATE it when I can see NO GOOD REASON why one character would fall in love with the other. In the bookclub book, I couldn’t understand why the hero would stick by the heroine as she went through numerous problems, when she hadn’t given him anything back. No humour, no flirting, not much ”nice” at all really. In the YA book, I cannot warm to the hero and so far (I’m about a 3rd through) I cannot see why the heroine will fall for the hero, which she obviously will do cos it’s a romance. I get that he’s a BAD BOY but so far, I haven’t seen ANYTHING to like.
So, I’m curious… what’s YOUR Pet Hate in romance books???

13 thoughts on “My Pet Hate In Romance

  1. When I read the title of your blog I thought you meant you hated “pets” in romances. LOL.

    I don't think I have too many “hates” in romance. Whenever I think I don't like something an author comes along and does it well. If I had to pick one – I don't like it if the character's actions don't make sense.

  2. I'm with you.

    What draws the h/h together is just as important to me as what pushes them apart. When I don't see the two connecting in some way the book doesn't work for me. And honestly, it doesn't have to be too much – a shared moment of humor or two, a common goal . . .no matter how small.

  3. When the hero is completely unlovable and arrogant and mean for no good reason. Maybe that's why I never relate to the complete and a-typical Alpha hero's. I like my men to have a little Beta thrown in šŸ™‚

  4. Thanks for all your comments!

    I found myself nodding my head at ALL of them.

    LOL Anne – I actually LOVE Pets in any story šŸ™‚ And very true about an author being able to turn the tables on something you thought you hated.

    Aimee – I think this is something that I really need to concentrate in my own stories. There definitely needs to be a special connection between h&H!

    Jackie – agreed on the misunderstandings AND the slut thing šŸ™‚

    Lacey – oooh I wonder if its the same. I'm pleased to report my book is getting SLIGHTLY better!

    Helen – totally agree with that. I HAVE to be able to fall in love with the hero too šŸ™‚

  5. My pet hate is when the heroine is described as feisty, or thinks she is, then she does everything the hero demands and never stands up to him!

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