The results of the chocolate cake challenge!

Well folks… I must say I’m a little disappointed in y’all (the majority of you that is). While many of you jumped up and down that you would take the challenge, I’ve only see photos from two of you.

So a round of applause to Caitlyn and Tina who accepted the challenge like real women, got down and dirty in their kitchen and devoured calories in the name of FUN!!
I’ll share my pics first (somehow I managed to post them in the wrong order, so please use your imagination):
I tried it with my two youngest heroes-in-training and
we put in white choc chips cos I wanted the contrast of colour 🙂 We had a lot of fun and the boys liked the instant results a LOT.

Caitlyn’s pics and comments (stolen from her blog):
I’d heard of these microwaved cake-in-a-mug before, but never actually tried them. So when the kids got home from school this afternoon we gave it a shot.
Not the most elegant presentation I’m afraid, but small people were tired and crabby after a long week of school – its nearly the end of term as well – so it was wisest to let them dig in without any delay :). Was rather amazed at how easy and how yummy they were.
First pic – is mixing. Second pic – is eating. That’s right, didn’t even make it out the mug 🙂 I like her style.
Tina’s cakes! and comments:
I used white chock chips (as that was all that was in the house) and it was great – did reduce the cooking time after the first one to 2 and a half minutes as the first one was overcooked ( maybe I have a more powerful microwave than Anita’s, I think mine is 1100W)

Served with vanilla ice cream – this was a definite hit last night. Thanks – its a keeper and will make this cake again!

Thanks again Anita for sharing this fabulous recipe!

7 thoughts on “The results of the chocolate cake challenge!

  1. Gee I've missed out on a lot during the last month. Sorry, but it does look yummy. I can eat a bit of chocolate cake though, and mudcaake is divine. You could always post me a bit over. lol. 🙂

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