Countdown to Conference!

SQUEE!!! This time next week, I’ll be getting all dolled up for the Harlequin ”Roaring Twenties” cocktail party at the Romance Writers of Australia 20th Conference.

To say I cannot wait is a MASSIVE understatement.
Going to RW Oz, is one of the most inspiring things on my annual calendar. Not only do I KNOW I’m going to be blown away by fabulous speakers and have light bulb moment after moment at the workshops, but I get to catch up with people who have become some of my closest friends.
This year specifically, I’m looking forward to:
  • Getting my first sale ribbon thanks to the fabulous Carina Press who bought my book One Perfect Night, which will be a December release.
  • Meeting Angela James – also of Carina Press.
  • Going to the Harlequin Author Dinner on Thursday (because Carina Press authors are Harlequin authors).
  • Networking with other writers, editors and agents.
  • Listening to Susan Wiggs – who I’ve recently started to read and of whom I’m now a HUGE fan.
  • Going to Fiona Lowe’s workshop – having been to a few of hers before now, I KNOW we’ll be in for a huge treat!
So what about you? Will I see you at RWAus11? What’s your favourite thing about going to conference?

11 thoughts on “Countdown to Conference!

  1. I can't wait!! I think my fave things are the same as yours, Rach, seeing friends and those lightbulb moments – just being immersed in writing for a few days *bliss*.

    I go in 5 sleeps…

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