Marrying Daisy Bellamy

MARRYING DAISY BELLAMY is the second Susan Wiggs book I’ve ever read (and it DEFINITELY won’t be the last).

I’ve been trying to work out for days what it was that really gripped me about this novel and I’m still not 100% sure. Part of it is definitely Susan Wiggs’ ability to tell a really emotional and moving story with beautiful, yet simply prose. Part of it is the uniqueness of this story and part of it is that it’s a story that truly could happen and one that deals with an issue I’m sure many, many people have before. Choosing between two men, when you love both but differently.
I’ve also decided I love Susan’s town of Avalon where Daisy’s story and the rest of her Lakeshore Chronicles take place. So much so that on Monday I went out and bought six more of the Avalon books to make my set complete. Now all I need is to MAKE/FIND the time to read them and the other zillion books on my TBR pile. And I’m already eagerly anticipating the next story.
So I’m curious… what’s the best book YOU’VE read lately and have you glommed (read one of their books and then gone out and bought loads of their backlist) any authors recently?

2 thoughts on “Marrying Daisy Bellamy

  1. About a month ago I read Dockside, which come before Marrying Daisy Bellamy. I LOVED it so much I went out and bought another of hers. I was also trying to figure out what I loved so much about Dockside, and came to the conclusion that it's two things: her narrative style (visiting the past and building the history slowly to allow us to see why characters acts the way they do today)and the characters. Her characters jump off the page! I want to learn how to do that! She needs to teach classes!

  2. Ooh Marcy – Dockside is sitting here on my shelf just waiting to be read. So many books, so little time 🙂

    I think you've hit the nail on the head re Susan Wiggs' books and like you, I think she should start teaching classes! Although then maybe she wouldn't have so much time to write such fabulous books. But still, I think we should start a petition to get her teaching classes online!

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