Pain in the butt? And #30kinSept check-in.

You’ve all heard the expression PAIN IN THE BUTT, right? Well, that’s exactly what I have now after having minor surgery on Friday.

Choosing September to do a writing challenge when I knew I was going to have an operation was perhaps not the most sensible idea I’ve ever had.
Thursday – prepping household for trip to Perth and then going to Perth = no words
Friday – op day, which included me puking lots after general anasthetic = no words
Saturday and Sunday – can only stand or lie on my side due to pain = no words
Am hoping to be back on track tomorrow but this four days without any words has put me seriously behind where I wanted to be by now.
My total for September at Day 18 is 13840 words. Hoping to seriously catch up this week.
How are all you doing??

12 thoughts on “Pain in the butt? And #30kinSept check-in.

  1. Rachael

    Your health is worth so much more than words on the page.

    Take care of yourself post op, the words will come when you feel more robust and in a better frame of mind and the memory of your present discomfort will surely authenticity to many future scenes.

    My commiserations.

  2. Hope you're doing better Rach. I've been keeping my head down and have hit 25,000. But don't be dismayed – beause I don't claim that they are GOOD words. I've done some editing along the way, but thought I would prefer to wait until the end. I will meet this deadline for the end of September…

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