Virtual Writing Weekend

I got lucky this weekend – Hubby said a while ago that he wanted to take the three heroes-in-training (lol at that, I pity the women who get them sometimes) to visit his mother who lives three hours away. I offered – once – to go along too but he insisted I stay behind and write. So aside from four hours in the shop tomorrow morning, this weekend is MINE to write guilt-free!!

So, my lovely CP, Jackie Ashenden and I, are having a VIRTUAL WRITING WEEKEND. She lives in another continent to me, so this is the best we can do. We both have no kids, lots of snacks (actually, I don’t, cos I’ve just started a DIET) and the whole weekend to write up a storm?!
Are you jealous? I would be πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Virtual Writing Weekend

  1. Very jealous. Not fair. I have a hideously busy weekend with the kids where at one point I actually have to be in three places at the one time! On the good side I've reached my 30,000 words. But I seriously doubt I'll write anymore!

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