My first Six Sentence Sunday

I may have put it out there on Twitter last Sunday that THIS week, I’d join the Six Sentence Sunday Fun.

Have NO idea if I’m doing this right but I’m going to share with you six sentences from my current WIP, Hollywood Heartbreak and hope you enjoy them.
It’s an extract from just after the first sex scene, which Holly my heroine at first thinks was a mistake and that the hero, Nate must be regretting. Then, he sets out to prove that it wasn’t a mistake at all…

Where her boldness came from she had no idea? Perhaps it was the thought that this really was an aberration in her life, a holiday fling, and so what did she have to lose? But suddenly she heard herself asking, “Are there any other parts of me you find beautiful?”

“Oh yes.” He tickled her knees, drew mesmerizing circles at the back of them with his thumbs. “These should be put on display in national gallery.”

So… that’s a tiny snippet of what I hope to finish over the next two weeks (actually I hope to finish in the next week but I’m being generous to myself)!

If you’d like to read other Six Sentence Sunday participants of sign up for SSS yourself, head on over to Six Sentence Sunday!

Let me know if you’ve done SSS this week, so I can check yours out!

Also, I have a COVER for ONE PERFECT NIGHT!!! It’s absolutely beautiful and hot and I cannot WAIT to share it with you. Am just waiting on confirmation that I’m allowed to and then I’ll post it!!


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